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In the first half of this post, we talked about five ways to avoid or minimize elbow pain in a strength training program. I’ve never been a huge fan of triceps extension exercises like skull crushers, JM presses or anything where you lay down and extend the weight back toward your face. A really effective approach to developing impressive triceps while circumventing elbow pain is to hit ’em hard and heavy with a pressing movement like a close grip bench and follow up with some high-rep pump work with bands. This way you build strength and size with a heavy press, then get the restorative effects of a gigantic pump at the end with no elbow irritation. This may be a surprise to some people because it sounds like it’s got nothing to do with the elbow. All this allowed me to resume squatting pain free, narrow my grip in on the bar without beating up my elbows AND keep my elbows under the bar, which helped improve upper back tightness while squatting. This goes along with point number four of tucking the elbows, as it helps maintain alignment in all the joints involved in upper body exercises.
Charles Poliquin is a big advocate of overloading the eccentric portion of flexion exercises like bicep curls and hamstring curls, which seemed silly to me at first. Using exercises like dumbbell Zottman curls with a 4-2-1 tempo (one second to curl the weight, a two second squeeze at the top, and four seconds to lower the weight) helped ease my elbow woes. Forms of massage like Active Release Technique (ART) or Graston Technique (a release technique involving aggressive massage with some nasty looking stainless steel tools) can do wonders for breaking up the junk that accumulates around the elbows.

However, these 10 tips can definitely help you work around elbow discomfort and ward off injuries if you’re already healthy. Ex-college baseball player here and a lifting enthusiast too I guess I’d say (year and a half of D1 (redshirted) and then full career of DIII) and just wanted to point out that the two elbow articles combined are excellent and well-researched. To talk about Pro wrestling, including about the WWE, WWF, WCW, AWA and others groups dedicated to current news, events, updates and old stories on this genre.
Wrist straps, thick bars, forearm exercises, gymnast rings and good pressing technique can all help with elbow discomfort. Doing some extension work is really beneficial for elbow health and hits the triceps from a different angle, creating symmetry between the three heads. An exercise like a skull crusher is most difficult at the bottom when the triceps are at full stretch, and then deload a bit at the top when the tri’s are full flexed.
But what’s happening at the shoulder is inevitably going to affect the elbow and vice versa.
Like I said in the first part of this series, I spent a good 12 weeks ignoring the persistent pain in my right medial epicondyle (inside of the elbow). For a long time I thought curls were stupid (mistake #1), and for an even longer time I thought tempo training was stupid (mistake #2).
They’re also a great way to add intensity to biceps curls without having to add weight.

Unfortunately, I’ve heard more complaints from my athletes about elbow pain while doing lying triceps extensions (either with dumbbells or EZ bars) than any other exercise. We prescribe light dumbbell curls with a slow eccentric to athletes recovering from bicepsĀ tendonitisĀ and it works like a charm.
This is huge for an area like the elbow, which is like a clogged rush hour highway of muscles, tendons and ligaments. Start with low level stuff like using your hand to roll the ball around your elbows and forearms, applying enough pressure to break up the adhesions. But after a lot of reading and a lot of talking to other coaches, I concluded that the elbow was not the main culprit of my pain. A lot can go wrong when you have that much going on in such a small area, and it’s easy to get some nasty adhesions that can limit function and cause pain. When you’re more comfortable, put the ball up against a wall and roll it over your elbows, triceps and even your pecs, shoulders and traps.
Torn labrum and a partially crushed vertebrae are also pain-free now without any surgical intervention.

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