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Over the past thirty years Andrew Forti has developed a career at Triangle by working in a wide variety of positions, ultimately focusing on the management of the Residential Services Department. Jeff Gentry is responsible for writing grants, collaborating with community partners and sharing Triangle’s story with anyone who will listen. Over the past fifteen years, Jennifer Killeen has been devoted to Triangle and has held many positions.
After receiving her bachelor’s degree from Suffolk University in 1989, Debbie Muldoon joined Triangle as a Placement Specialist.
Through support, challenge and opportunity, Triangle empowers people with disabilities and their families to enjoy rich, fulfilling lives.
Triangle was founded in 1971 by a small group of individuals who believed that people with disabilities could learn to lead more independent and dignified lives.
In Triangle’s Fulfillment Center our trainees receive, assemble, package and distribute products sold by retailers throughout America. Under Mike’s leadership, Triangle has grown from serving 350 people annually from three sites to serving 3,000 individuals from 15 service locations. Since he believes that there are few greater accomplishments than helping someone start their career, Jeff is thrilled to lead our School-to-Career programs in Malden and Braintree. Although he is the Chief Operating Officer, Tom never says no to anything that has to get done at Triangle. She encourages individuals to reach their highest potential by promoting Triangle’s values and vision, overseeing HR policies and procedures and cultivating a high level of trust within the community.

Paul joined the Triangle team in 2014 as Chief Development Officer to oversee the development department and to lead efforts in developing corporate relationships, foundation and planned giving, event management, and donor relations.
It began serving five people with developmental disabilities, and grew over the next decade to provide employment training for over 80 individuals and opened two community residences in Malden.
During this time, Triangle’s service area has grown from 35 Massachusetts communities to 170 southern New England cities and towns.
Mike joined Triangle in 2013 to direct the Finance and Accounting Department where he will have full involvement in all aspects of Triangle’s financial decisions as the agency moves forward in new initiatives and business ventures. In 2008 Annie was recognized by Malden Access Television for the remarkable photographic record she has kept of Triangle’s award-winning Ablevision program.
His past experience comes from Cardinal Cushing Centers as Vice President of Development & External Affairs and the Housewares Charity Foundation, where he played a key role in raising over $60 million dollars benefitting and supporting those organizations. Since that time Debbie has expanded Triangle’s Employment Services and managed a growing staff that provides the career planning, placement assistance and support services that people with disabilities need to achieve their career goals. Today Triangle serves over three thousand people from 170 communities throughout Southern New England.
Mike has held leadership positions in the financial field in the Greater Boston area including position as Director of Finance for Judge Baker Children’s Center.
Annie also received the James Endicott Friendship Award at Triangle’s 2008 Annual Celebration. Paul demonstrates an entrepreneurial spirit which he sees as the hallmark of Triangle’s mission and advancement.

As Director of IMPACT, Meg oversees training and prevention programs in schools, businesses, and community organizations. Debbie is now Triangle’s Career Services Director and she is as passionate about her job as ever. It operates six employment service centers and ten residences in Malden, Danvers, Beverly, Braintree, Brockton, Lynn, Reading and Waltham. Our work supervisors provide hands-on training, job coaching and the extended supports that help people succeed in competitive employment. Trainees can also access the full range of Triangle’s career and community life services. They include an award-winning School-to-Career program for young adults with disabilities, comprehensive employment training and planning services for individuals with disabilities, an award-winning television show called Ablevision, a medical manufacturing facility, a contract fulfillment center and café that are staffed by trainees.
Mike’s career in senior management began in 1981, in the private sector with Teledyne, operating Job Corps Centers for the U.

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