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The shoulder can be described as several joints that combine with tendons and muscles to allow a full range of motion to the arm, from scratching your back to throwing the perfect pitch.
Many causes of shoulder pain are problems related to the soft tissue rather than the bones.
Other much more rare causes of shoulder pain are tumors, infection and nerve-related problems.
When you come in to discuss your pain with your orthopedic surgeon, you will talk about the history of your symptoms and a complete physical exam will be done. Usually treatment starts with nonsurgical options including rest, avoidance of aggravating activities, anti-inflammatories such as Naprosyn or Ibuprofen, home exercises or physical therapy. For some young patients, after their first dislocation, and for those that have recurrent dislocations, your doctor may talk to you about surgery to repair or tighten the torn ligaments of your shoulder.
In the left hand picture, the ball of the shoulder is not sitting in the socket, meaning the shoulder joint is dislocated.
Clavicle (collarbone) fractures are very common shoulder injuries and result from a fall onto the shoulder. Patients usually complain of a deep achy pain, sometimes it may be localized to only one part of the shoulder joint, but it may also involve the entire joint. Eventually, activity modification and the above methods of treatment will no longer provide adequate pain relief, and you and your doctor will discuss surgery. Click here to view medical illustrations that help you understand your hand, arm, elbow, shoulder, hip, knee, foot and ankle pain symptoms. Click here to learn about special exercises and stretches that can relieve pain and help rehab muscles and joints.
If you have tried other treatments and still experience pain, you may want to try prolotherapy.
Treatment of shoulder pain with perineural injection therapy (neural prolotherapy) is very effective in providing relief, and allowing you to start moving your shoulder again.  It is particularly effective for those who suffer from “frozen shoulder”, or shoulder pain associated with neck pain. Acetaminophen, Tylenol, which has a mild anti-inflammatory effect, and anti-inflammatory medications such as aspirin, ibuprofen, Advil, Motrin have, until now, been the mainstay of treatment to relieve shoulder pain. Physiotherapy helps shoulder pain by improving your posture so that your rotator cuff muscles don’t get squeezed as much between your humerus and your acromion, and strengthening the muscles which stabilize your shoulder. Surgery may be needed in refractory cases, particularly if one of the shoulder tendons has been completely ruptured, or if the acromion is crooked.
Narcotics can be used to deaden the pain and do not interfere with inflammation, but they can be addictive and should be used very sparingly. Click here for more information on what prolotherapy is, how prolotherapy works , what conditions respond to it Osteoarthritis Back Pain when should you avoid it what are the risks what are the benefits how long does it lasthow much does it cost a new treatment for chronic pain  frequently asked questions about prolotherapy and frequently asked questions about perineural injection therapy the prolotherapy consent form   who is Dr. 2-5% of the population will experience Adhesive Capsulitis (Frozen Shoulder), most for no apparent reason. BFST® can greatly reduce the time it takes to move through the 3 stages of Frozen Shoulder.
After many expensive visits to a chiropractor and physical therapist, I gained some relief, but still experienced constant low level pain in the injured areas with episodes of intense debilitating pain which interfered with my sleep and work. I absolutely LOVE your products, and enthusiastically recommend them to everyone I meet who is experiencing similar pain issues. I use the Inferno Wrap before my workouts to relax and loosen up the muscles in my shoulder and increase the circulation.
That is why when I recently started experiencing pain in my shoulder, upper arm and forearm I concluded that I had aggravated an old rotator cuff injury. That's when I went online and found the Mend Me Shop and the inferno wrap for the shoulder seemed like a good way to wrap the heat around the immediate area that needed treating. Hopefully, I do not have to use the Freeze Wrap this summer when I do most of my heavy yard work, but I am assured that there is this cold treatment if in case I hurt my shoulder again. I now have decided not to have an MRI on my shoulder and undergo more expensive treatments or therapy from my specialist ortho doctor .
As an FDA Registered Medical Company, you can be assured that (1) our hospital grade medical devices are guaranteed to provide you with the treatment you need to heal your injury, and (2) all information you read here is honest and true - the FDA requires this of us. For years, professional athletes have had access to treatment methods that allow them to heal much more quickly and more completely than you or I. For sufferers of a Rotator Cuff injury it's not necessary to face months or years of horrible pain. Fortunately, with some of the breakthrough products we have engineered, home medical treatment of a rotator cuff injury is easily attainable and now available to anyone who needs it. Regardless of whether you just injured your rotator cuff or your shoulder keeps getting re-injured - we can definitely help you! A cold compression Shoulder Freezie Wrap® that relieves pain, inflammation and swelling fast with consistent cold temperatures that WON'T reach temperatures so low that it causes cryoburn (like ice or blue gel packs full of anti-freeze and chemicals). Medical-grade, soft, plush, neoprene wraps that meet ISO 10993 biocompatibility testing - providing the safest product for cold compression and Blood Flow Stimulation Therapy™ treatment.
We will do our best to help provide you with information you need to receive long-lasting pain relief and healing for your Rotator Cuff injury. Living with a Rotator Cuff injury of any kind is never easy and we can help to provide answers about prevention, causes, treatment options, and ways to manage your injury for the short and long term. We have many happy customers that have healed their injuries much faster than even they had hoped for and significantly reduced their pain during treatment and the healing process.
So I did some research for the last 2 months and kept coming up with the MendMeShop Left Shoulder Inferno Wrap. The next day I did a few 60 minute sessions and I could feel my muscles ache a little bit, but NO PAIN praise God !!! Sometimes I just unplug from the charger, tuck the little 8 inch connector, then I tighten the wrap to make it a compression support and the heat stays in it for hours and allows me to be able to function a lot less painful since I am left handed also. Rotator Cuff injury sufferers will always be at risk of re-injuring their shoulder because even when the pain is gone the shoulder is still are not fully healed. Constant re-injury (you know when it's happening, you can feel the pain) needs to be avoided at all costs. Continuous re-injury and build-up of scar tissue makes it more likely that you will wind up with chronic pain, Frozen Shoulder or even arthritis (permanent damage). If you have inflammation in your shoulder or in the muscles surrounding the shoulder joint, it's very important to heal it quickly and completely. We have tools that will help you to prevent and treat the symptoms of other chronic shoulder injuries (Frozen Shoulder, arthritis). When you have reduced muscle mobility (as is the case with a serious shoulder injury) there is not much blood flow in the shoulder joint. A seemingly small, nagging injury in your shoulder muscles not properly cared for can lead to a chronic painful rotator cuff injury that can persist for months or even years if not properly treated.
During the first few stages of natural healing the tendons and muscles in your shoulder will receive very little blood flow.
As one of the most active parts in your body, constant motion is what keeps the blood flowing through your shoulder.
This is why you need to reduce swelling and stimulate blood flow so your shoulder gets the nutrition and oxygen it needs to properly heal.

If you have a bad shoulder injury or chronic condition, you can heal quickly if you treat your injury correctly.
Since blood flow is a necessary component for natural healing - The first step for treatment of any soft tissue injury is to reduce the swelling to "open up" the area for greater blood flow. These products will aid in the recovery stage of healing and help prevent re-injury of your already damaged shoulder joint. The Shoulder Freezie Wrap® is effective at reducing swelling and the pain associated with swelling.
Ongoing BFST® treatments at home, every day, will soothe, relax and promote healing of your damaged rotator cuff muscles and tendons.
Most sufferers from a rotator cuff injury or trigger point pain can recover more quickly if they treat their injury correctly. The use of a cold compression wrap is the first step that should be taken to seize control of any rotator cuff or shoulder joint injury.
In the early days or weeks of your shoulder injury the inflammation is partly your body's reaction to try to immobilize the injured area. An injury to one shoulder muscle can easily lead to straining in other areas, making an overall recovery hard to initiate.
Heat has been shown to reduce pain sensation by direct action on both free-nerve endings in tissues and on peripheral nerves. Localized electromagnetic therapy using lamps tuned to the 2 to 25 micron waveband is used for the treatment and relief of pain by over 40 reputable Chinese medical institutes.
Increased peripheral circulation provides the transport needed to help evacuate edema, which can help inflammation, decrease pain, and help speed healing.
The Inferno Wrap® is an effective treatment tool that will accelerate the body's own healing process.
To make a long story short, since using your products my pain level has gone down immensely and the swelling is finally under control.
That means that for every 100 people who try our products, 94 of these individuals should be experiencing moderate to significant relief. One needs to apply two-three drops of tea tree oil or lavender oil on the area of pain and continue massaging until the oil penetrates inside the skin. The moment one feels the shoulder pain, he must put some ice cubes in a piece of cloth and rub it on the affected area for about 10-15 minutes.
Compare this to the picture on the right, where the shoulder is NOT dislocated, and the ball and socket line up normally. If you look at the picture of the shoulder with the deltoid (that’s the big muscle that covers your whole shoulder joint) removed, you will see that your arm bone, your humerus sits underneath the top of your shoulder blade and that the muscles that move the shoulder all start out attached to the shoulder blade and have to travel under that bony bridge to move your humerus (your arm bone).
Because of this, as you get older, the ligaments and tendons that surround your shoulder joint get looser and weaker. There is a good chance that prolotherapy can bring you relief from your shoulder pain. There have unfortunately not been any “gold standard” studies done to prove the value of prolotherapy in rotator cuff problems. It is likely to help, if your pain is coming from the nerves that supply the skin of your shoulder. These, being even more powerful anti-inflammatory substances, unfortunately also interfere with healing of the shoulder and can at times cause rupture of shoulder tendons. Steroid references. Judith Valentine Remember to include your physician in choosing the best treatment option for you. It is really good - you should advertise your treatment everywhere because a lot of people live in pain. Two months later, the pain is barely noticeable, the snapping hip syndrome is an unpleasant memory and I feel that significant long term healing of chronic injuries is taking place. Initially I ignored the discomfort, thinking that that would make it magically disappear but, to my disappointment the pain only continued to get worse. I feel that I should warn you that there is a lot of information on this website; however I can promise you that if you are suffering from a rotator cuff injury, impinged shoulder or any other type of soft tissue injury, our FDA REGISTERED products will make a surprising difference in your injury recovery. We have many happy customers that have healed their rotator cuff and shoulder injuries faster than they expected as well as significantly reduced their pain during treatment. I went back to my Orthopedic Surgeon for my follow up and had to have a cortisone shot in June so I could be pain-free while on a long awaited vacation. I told him I don't want to go through the pain again, since I can't take pain medication due to my daily med I have to take for PTSD and can't take them both at the same time.
I was buying a large tube of Extra Strength Muscle Rub with 16 % Menthol once a week to bear the pain along with 800 ML of Ibuprofen.Today is Thursday and I haven't had to put any rub on my shoulder since coming home Saturday night. A serious rotator cuff injury will usually interrupt your sleeping patterns and this condition can also lead to back and neck pain as well as overall reduced movement in the upper body. But, when the pain disappears, that's when they start using their shoulder normally again even though it isn't fully healed. After seeking medical advice, your physician may recommend conservative treatment options - conservative treatment options for muscle (or any soft tissue) pain typically means rest, ice the injury, elevation of the injury and ingesting anti-inflammatory medication.
Obviously, it delays the healing process, but what's worse is that every re-injury and additional healing cycle increases the amount of scar tissue that builds up in the area of your original shoulder injury (the supraspinatus muscle for instance). This is why your physician will always try to opt for the conservative treatment first - usually, it works although it takes time to heal.
Minimizing the healing time should be an obvious goal, as a chronic rotator cuff tear or injury will limit your ability to go about your daily routine for a long period of time. The problem is that weakened muscles and tendons in your shoulder due to injury are usually inactive, inflamed, swollen or constricted in some way.
When using a Cold Compression Freezie Wrap®, you can control inflammation and support your shoulder to speed up healing and clear away the pain.
On an injured muscle or shoulder joint, the Freezie Wrap® will immediately reduce the risk of further damage from increased swelling.
RigiGel® can be chilled in the freezer AND provide safe, effective cold temperatures during of your treatment. Within moments of applying an Inferno Wrap® to your injured shoulder, you can feel the healing sensation due to the increase in blood flow deep within the area.
Pain is also at times related to ischemia (lack of blood supply) due to tension or spasm that can be improved by the hyperemia that heat-induced vasodilatation produces, thus breaking the feedback loop in which the ischemia leads to further spasm and then more pain. In one dental study, repeated heat applications led finally to abolishment of the whole nerve response responsible for pain arising from dental pulp. Every single benefit listed is researched and proven by medical doctors, and each of those benefits are exactly what you need to treat your rotator cuff and injured shoulder muscles so you can get back to an injury-free lifestyle. The odds are certainly in your favor that you too will achieve relief from much of the pain and inflammation that is currently burdening your lifestyle.
This method of massaging needs to be followed four times a day in order to get some relief from the pain.
When one feels the shoulder pain, he must rest the shoulder from the strenuous activities for at least a few days. Regular exercise makes the muscles of the shoulders flexible and thereby many illnesses like frozen shoulder, rotator cuff tears, shoulder instability, etc. The shoulder movement can lead to increasing problems with instability or impingement of soft tissue resulting in pain.

The rotator cuff is composed of muscles and their tendons which provides shoulder motion and stability.
If your shoulders slump forward, or if the bridge is crooked, these muscle tendons will be squeezed between the humerus and your shoulder blade every time you move your shoulder.
This means the head of your humerus will move too much inside the shoulder joint and wear out the cartilage which lines the joint. Sometimes the nerves that supply the skin of the shoulder can be injured through a sudden jolt, or through a whiplash injury to the neck. These stronger ligaments and tendons will help restore the strength of your shoulder and help correct the cause of shoulder pain. Nerve pain can be severe even when you are resting and can be made worse by pressing lightly on the affected areas.  Often, people have pain in their neck, back or chest as well as shoulder pain, because the nerves that supply the skin of the shoulder come from the neck and also supply the back and the chest.
Boxing is very strenuous on the arms and shoulders and I have had a rotator cuff injury for the past two years. It's only been a little over a week since I started treatments and I can say that I can once again imagine living without the that constant pain. Times have changed - Professional Grade shoulder therapy devices are now available for anyone that needs them! Maybe they are competitive athletes that need to return to their sport quickly, or maybe they're just patients that are unwilling to take pain pills, lay in bed and wait. The constant shoulder pain has no doubt interrupted your sleep, just adding to the long-term misery that this condition can bring on. Shoulder injuries are quite common, often the result of a quick blow to the shoulder joint or through years of common movements such as swinging a tennis racquet or golf club. It is almost impossible to keep from re-straining the muscles because even in a sling our shoulder can still move.
During normal use, activity promotes blood flow in your shoulder sending oxygen and nutrient-rich blood directly to the muscles, tendons and joint in your shoulder.
Once you have read more about our therapies, you will understand that we have the unique ability to provide you with the best treatment options available to you at home.
It's the specially formulated non-migrating gel technology that makes the Shoulder Freezie Wrap® unique.
It will stay in place when you wrap it around your shoulder and will work to provide you with long-lasting cold during your treatment. They support the muscles and tendons of the shoulder joint while gently applying pressure to your inflamed muscle at the same time.
Traditional methods require your muscle to move to promote blood flow (physical therapy), but that same motion that promotes blood flow can at times lead to making your pain and condition worse. This goal is further complicated by the fact the shoulder (and muscles controlling the shoulder joint) are involved in the majority of the physical movements we perform each day.
During a treatment, and for quite some time after you finish, the treated area will feel gently warmed and more relaxed. This energy travels deep inside to the soft tissue in your muscles and shoulder joint, stimulating blood flow your own body needs to heal your injury. Everyone has a different capacity for healing and different circumstances behind their pain and discomfort.
Some common causes of shoulder pain include Bursitis, rotator cuff tear, frozen shoulder, calcific tendonitis, shoulder instability, shoulder dislocation, shoulder separation, labral tear, SLAP lesions, arthritis, biceps tendon rupture and so on. The successive heat and cold treatment will help in reducing the inner swelling and the healing process will be much faster. This process needs to be followed for 3-4 times a day and is one of the best home remedies of treating the shoulder pain. After a period of rest, when the pain and the swelling subside, he should start light weight lifting in order to strengthen the muscles of the shoulders. In order to try and stabilize your shoulder, the bones around the joints will start to grow. I highly recommend both of these products to anyone with a chronic injury who is saddled with daily pain. I recently had surgery on my left shoulder on Jan 4th of this year to shave down the bone to leave enough space for my shoulder joint to work. Regardless of how the injury happens, a shoulder injury is painful and the joint can feel very unstable. Everyone has demands that make them keep going and when we are active we prevent the shoulder from healing completely. Scar tissue means that your shoulder will not perform as well as it once did and it makes it much more prone to injury again later on. We believe the use of Inferno Wraps® for effective treatment of trigger points and other soft tissue injuries is one of the most under-utilized home treatment options that are available on the market today. The longer the injury (and corresponding pain) persists, the greater the chance that you will sustain more strain from overcompensation, eventually leading to issues in those areas as well.
Home remedy is considered to be the most effective treatment for the shoulder pain healing. The pain may be acute and disappear in a short time, or it may continue and require medical diagnosis and treatment. What ends up happening is we continually re-injure the shoulder through our daily activities further setting back our recovery. The more scar tissue that develops, the more you lose the range of motion in your shoulder. It's time to treat the injured area with a Shoulder Inferno Wrap® to bring oxygen and nutrients to your Shoulder to boost natural healing.
We have thousands of customers that have tried many options out there and have been amazed at how effective and fast the Inferno Wrap® treatment can heal soft tissue injuries. Once treatment is complete, you also have the option of tightening the straps to provide light compression support for your injured joint.
The pain is almost gone except when I make a wrong and abrupt move on or of my right (problematic) shoulder.
We welcome those, who are serving or have served, and are dealing with painful injuries and physical conditions to contact us to see how we can help. The muscles that get squeezed are called the rotator cuff, because they help your shoulder rotate and keep it in its socket. Another joint in your shoulder area that can develop arthritis is the joint between the acromion and your clavicle called the acromioclavicular joint.  Pain due to loose ligaments or tendons or arthritis only comes when you move the ligaments or tendons or the joints. If this occurs in your shoulder it may help prevent the onset of osteoarthritis of your shoulder joint.

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