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Treatment for shoulder pain after laparoscopic surgery, best ab dvd - For Begninners

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To begin, during Laparoscopy, CO2 (carbon dioxide) gas is injected through a special needle inserted just below your navel.
It was once believed the resultant shoulder pain was simply due to reaction of the gas combining with water; or that it was merely trapped CO2. To be more specific, the diaphragm and shoulder share some of the same nerves; predominantly, the Phrenic nerve.

We always utilize the latest technology and surgical practices to minimize pain and recovery time for all of our patients, including (but not limited to) use of Insuflow® technology. Maneuvers to Decrease Laparoscopy-Induced Shoulder and Upper Abdominal Pain: A Randomized Controlled Study.
A study of airway management using the ProSeal LMA laryngeal mask airway compared with the tracheal tube on postoperative analgesia requirements following gynaecological Laparoscopic surgery.

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