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Top testosterone boosters for athletes, shoulder exercises for mass without weights - Plans Download

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If you want to see enhanced muscle development, better athletic performance, and achieve an overall sense of well-being, one of the main things to take into consideration is testosterone enhancement.
Far too many men completely overlook the role that testosterone plays in their overall well-being, but if your levels are not optimized, make no mistake about it, you are going to feel the effects.
To take this one step further, unless you are doing something to promote higher overall testosterone levels, you can expect that they will start to decline once you hit your late twenties. Let’s take a look at the need to know facts about testosterone boosters and then we’ll walk you through the top five supplements on the market. When it comes to increasing the level of testosterone in your system, there are two ways you can go about doing so. Then there’s the natural route which involves using products made up of select vitamins, minerals, and ingredients that work with your body to enhance the normal production of testosterone that is currently taking place. These natural testosterone boosters help to elevate your blood concentration levels by improving your production capabilities.
Natural testosterone boosters work with your body to enhance your well-being, so there is quite the difference between the two.
In addition to that, one positive benefit that this product offers that not all natural testosterone boosters do is that it can help to improve your overall mood state. Finally, the last thing that sets this natural testosterone booster apart from others on the market is the fact it offers a money back guarantee. For athletes who still aren’t quite sure if a testosterone booster will help, this is the product to try out first. The result: Increased muscle and strength, reduced body fat, a boost in sex drive and performance, more energy, improved mood, enhanced cognitive function, and many other health benefits associated with increased natural testosterone production. Prime Male’s formula and benefits are similar to that of TestoFuel, but it contains ingredients to help older men. Vital T-boosting minerals Zinc & Magnesium are included in their pure elemental citrate forms.
Boron – a vital trace mineral studies have shown to increase free testosterone levels around 30% – is included in its most bioavailable form. The dose is 3000mg per day, and the manufacturer’s directions for use state that for optimum results, 1 capsule is to be taken 4 times per day with a meal or snack. If you are aged 30+ and want to regain some of your youthful energy, strength and athletic performance, Prime Male is the testosterone booster we recommend for you. BSN Evotest the next ranked testosterone booster and is a unique option in that it’s available in both capsule and powdered drink form. This product has many powerful ingredients as well that support a higher natural testosterone release including magnesium, D-aspartic acid (DAA), calcium, vitamin D, along with a proprietary blend containing various herbal ingredients like Fenugreek and Suma Root. On the third level, it helps to spark greater muscle size growth by providing Suma Extract, Maca, and Carnitine (which also helps to enhance sexual performance), and then finally, on the fourth level it will help to suppress estrogen levels which oppose testosterone in your system. With these four benefits combined, it delivers a more powerful total testosterone enhancement effect to your body. Finally, the last of the natural testosterone boosters that’s available is PharmaFreak Test Freak.
This product also works on a few different levels, increasing the rate of protein synthesis taking place, increasing the release of growth hormone and IGF-1 (a muscle boosting factor) release, and increasing the rate of new muscle fiber formation. This product contains a line-up of ingredients, so of the top testosterone boosters, is the most complex.
So there you have the top five natural testosterone boosters available on the market right now, our best choices being TestoFuel for building muscle and strength, and Prime Male if you are aged 30+ and want to regain your youthful vitality. And remember, no testosterone booster will be as effective unless it is also paired with a proper diet plan and a good workout protocol. Chances are that you are on this site because you want to enhance your muscle development, build on your athletic performance, and enjoy an overall sense of well-being. Traditionally, too many men tended to overlook the crucial role that testosterone plays for overall well-being.
It is possible to maintain healthy testosterone levels if you remain super focused on your health on a consistent basis. As most men fall into this bracket, it’s inevitable that testosterone levels WILL begin to decline once most of us hit our mid-20s. It is not unusual for men undergoing testosterone replacement therapies to find that there body shuts down its own production altogether.
Testosterone boosters on the other hand can work to enhance your blood concentration levels without exposing you to unwanted side-effects. Other benefits from using natural testosterone boosters include improved athletic performances, minimal side-effects, reduced recovery times in between workouts, and a much improved lean body mass composition.
PrimeMale is a fairly new testosterone booster which is designed specifically for guys over the age of 30.
PrimeMale, in our opinion, contains the very best testosterone enhancing ingredients, which are backed by clinical studies, and these include D-aspartic acid, zinc, vitamin D, oyster extract, fenugreek, and Siberian ginseng, among others.
At least two of the ingredients, nettle root extract, and mucuna pruriens are clinically proven to assist in reversing age-related testosterone depletion.
One of only two testosterone boosters on the market that contain oyster extract, an extremely potent testosterone enhancer due to its zinc content. One of two testosterone boosters on the market today that contains oyster extract, a phenomenal source of zinc, which is universally acknowledged as a potent testosterone enhancing ingredient. The manufacturer claims that Cellucor P6 Black and is designed to enhance natural testosterone levels as well as providing neurological benefits such as “mental clarity”, as well as assisting in enhancing motivation, which is particularly useful when training in the gym.

Test HD is described as a “hard-core testosterone booster” that is designed to harness the power of testosterone.
The main ingredients include zinc, stinging nettle, and mucuna pruriens, which all have proven track records when it comes to testosterone enhancement. Other notable ingredients that have positive influence on testosterone include vitamin B6 and vitamin B12. Contains clinically proven ingredients such as D-aspartic acid, vitamin B6, and vitamin B12, all of which are proven testosterone enhancers. Furthermore, Test Turbo works to fight rising estrogen levels, which work in direct competition with testosterone inside the body.
Contains a number of “filler” ingredients that serve no specific purpose in terms of testosterone enhancement. Test Freak is described as a hybrid testosterone stimulator that works to maximize muscle growth and overall strength. This product works to increase the release of gonadotropin releasing hormone which ultimately works to stimulate chemical reactions within the body to allow for greater testosterone production.
Test Freak contains a number of clinically proven testosterone enhancing ingredients including fenugreek, magnesium, and vitamin B6. Contains a number of “filler” ingredients that serve no purpose in regards to testosterone enhancement. T Bomb II contains a number of testosterone enhancing ingredients including fenugreek, zinc, and stinging nettle.
Evotest is extremely unique in the sense that it comes in both capsule, as well as powder form.
EvoTest contains a number of testosterone enhancing ingredients such as D-aspartic acid, magnesium, vitamin D, alongside a proprietary blend which features fenugreek and suma root.
Most users have reported experiencing enhanced sleep, which is ever so important when trying to increase testosterone levels and generally heal the body.
VirMax T is a once a day supplement, that is extremely rich in magnesium, which is responsible for maintaining more than 300 biochemicals inside the human body. VirMax T contains a number of high-quality ingredients such as zinc, an essential fuel for testosterone production. Contains four ingredients that are proven to have a positive bearing on testosterone levels. Contains a number of “filler” ingredients that have no relationship to testosterone enhancement.
PrimeMale is a new testosterone booster that is designed to overcome symptoms of low testosterone. If you’re a guy interested in improving your health and well-being, you need to know about Testosterone.
Because of this, many men are starting to become more aware of their own testosterone levels and come to better understand what they can to do optimize and improve their levels on a day to day basis. With the body naturally decreasing testosterone production around your late twenties and thirties, if you don’t take action, you will soon start to see and feel the effects of lower testosterone levels. One of the more dangerous and less talked about routes that sadly, many men take to increase their testosterone levels is through the use of unnatural substances such as steroid injections.
Not only does this come with a wide variety of undesirable side effects (often worse than low testosterone to begin with), but once you stop using this form of treatment, your body can literally shut down its own natural production of testosterone, so then you could by relying on drugs for the rest of your life. This is why turning to natural testosterone boosters – products that work with your body to enhance normal production rather than replacing production altogether like the non-natural treatments do, is the far superior way to go. So let’s take a closer look into the natural ways that you can elevate your testosterone levels.  Using a natural testosterone boosting supplement will always be the most powerful method, however making sure your lifestyle, diet, and workout program measure up will be vital to results as well. Vitamin D is directly linked to testosterone production, so it’s a key supplement to start adding.
The next supplement is D-Aspartic acid (DAA), which is one particular amino acid that plays an integral role in improving testosterone release.  It works by sending a message from the brain to your testes, which is where testosterone production takes place.
This makes it a ‘precursor’ to testosterone production because it basically stimulates the cells to kick-start the manufacturing of the hormone.
Magnesium will help to improve your antioxidant level, decreasing inflammation, and helping to speed up the production of testosterone. Finally, many people use magnesium as a sleep aid as it tends to promote better quality sleep, and since sleep is when you experience a high release of testosterone, this definitely works to your benefit. So as you can see, supplements do play a very key role in boosting natural testosterone production.
Along with supplementation, your diet should also be tweaked in order to encourage a greater natural testosterone release. Then second, they can help to reduce the formation of estrogen in the male body, which will oppose the impacts that testosterone has.
Some fat – even saturated fat – is required in order for proper testosterone production so aim for no less than 25% of your total calories to come from fat. By setting up a good strength training workout program that has you in the gym three to five days per week, you can see optimal muscle building progress as well as testosterone release. Finally, there are some key things to make sure you are doing in your lifestyle as well as these can influence your testosterone production in a favorable or unfavorable manner.
Next, also be sure to maintain a regular and active sex life.  Generally, the more sex you have, the higher your testosterone production will be, which will then only boost your desire for more sex. It’s a self-fulfilling cycle, so by getting it kick-started, you’ll be maintaining higher testosterone production at all times.

So there you have all the key points to know about boosting your natural testosterone levels without turning to substances that will only harm your health. With so many options available and powerful natural supplements like TestoFuel , there is no reason you should have to suffer from low testosterone any longer. By using a natural testosterone booster, you can regain your former testosterone levels – possibly even taking them higher than they ever were, and start feeling like a stronger, fitter and faster you.
Additionally, being that it is a non-natural method, the body can actually shut down its own production of testosterone, so that if you ever stop admitting the synthetic testosterone, your blood concentration levels will plummet.
With the wide variety of options available when selecting a testosterone booster, there’s definitely no shortage of choices.
This product is designed for bodybuilders and strength athletes and has undergone extensive research and uses only the highest quality proven ingredients to help promote a greater natural testosterone release in your body.
While maintaining a better mood is clearly a favorable thing, it also helps out in terms of your muscle building results because the better your mood is, the higher your motivation tends to be, which then means more effort put forth in the gym. This is unheard of with many other product options available, so you can basically try TestoFuel for 90 days, risk-free. This exciting supplement has been formulated specifically for guys aged 30+ and is designed to naturally reverse the effects of the age-related decline in testosterone levels that every man experiences – approx 1% testosterone loss per year, starting in your late twenties.
Prime Male contains 12 ingredients in total, in what are apparently their most pure and potent forms. This natural testosterone booster works on four different levels, helping you to gain a powerful increase in testosterone release. Next, it’ll help to activate the testosterone being produced in the body through the use of N-acetyl Carnitine, Pyrethrum, and Orchioides. This product, put out in conjunction with Anabolic Freak, can be stacked for amplified effects or just taken on its own.
Keep in mind however that more ingredients does not necessarily always make for a more powerful product as if the key ingredients are supplied in smaller dosages, it may be less powerful overall. And you’ve probably already recognized the fact that testosterone enhancement is probably the central pillar that will help you achieve these goals. The bottom line is, if testosterone is not at its optimum levels, muscular development, athletic performance and a sense of well-being can seem like a utopian dream. Natural testosterone boosters can help to redress testosterone deficiency problems, and in some cases increase levels much higher than they were before.
Alternatives include medically prescribed options which involve administering synthetic testosterone into the system. The manufacturer of PrimeMale makes it clear that this product will work to reverse the unwanted effects of age-related drops in testosterone levels that most men experience. Test HD does not necessarily have to be cycled, unlike some other testosterone boosters, and contains the highest quality ingredients, as repeatedly made clear by MuscleTech. In our opinion, Test Freak is certainly one of the strongest testosterone boosters available on the market today, thanks to Pharmafreak. The manufacturer, MHP has ensured that this product optimizes testosterone production, whilst lowering estrogen levels. The powder form comes in handy, especially because it can be taken to the gym in a shaker bottle. Easily ranking in as the most important hormone in the male body, Testosterone has a wide variety of different functions.
Males in particular need the most zinc however because not only do they lose some zinc each time they ejaculate, but this mineral is also involved in the production of testosterone as well. If you want to experience the greatest benefits from the testosterone you do produce, it’s vital that your estrogen levels are kept low. These will provide antioxidant support, reducing inflammation and assisting testosterone production. Very low fat – or very low calorie diets for that matter – will crush testosterone production in a hurry. We already mentioned sleep above, but this is the primary time when the body will be producing testosterone, so you want to capitalize on that. The makers offer a money back guarantee; you can use the product risk-free for a full 90 days. Testofuel contains the very best ingredients that are designed to help your body to crank up its own natural testosterone production. Certain produce options such as broccoli, spinach, cabbage, and cauliflower help to reduce the estrogen hormone which results in higher levels of testosterone.
This means that the more you expose yourself to such products the lower your levels of testosterone. It mixes fairly well by most reports, so is something that you should be able to easily take with you to the gym for use around the workout session. And D-aspartic acid is an extremely potent testosterone enhancing ingredient in its own right.

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