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Top rated workout dvds for beginners, losing fat not muscle - Reviews

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I hate to admit this because Tony Horton’s instructor style annoys the heck out of me, BUT the workout program holds up.
Many of Jillian’s workouts are around 20-40 minutes in length, which is perfect for when you’re in a time crunch (especially those 20 minute options!). I have a hard time saying motivated with a workout DVD — but I do agree that Cathe is AWESOME. I starred this in my reader … thanks for providing me with a nice lil resource for when I need some new DVDs! I literally was just thinking of rewarding myself with a new workout DVD then you posted this! I just wanted to say that you are one of my top inspirations for getting back into running post-pregnancy. 20 miles + my favorite form of cross-training (spin) + some weights + some yoga and rest to balance it out. I have yet to find a yoga DVD I really like, so I put a call out to some of my Fitfluential friends for recommendations. Somehow, Jillian makes you beg for mercy in that short time span.  That’s all I need to know for a quick workout.

I especially like the HIIT workouts – it packs a powerful punch in a short amount of time. I used to be really into DVDs too, but I’ve gotten out of it a lot lately and have switched to workouts at the gym instead. One that I used to do (that I actually stuck with for awhile) was Jillian Michaels Boost Your Metabolism DVD.
I just had a baby and will be okay’d for exercise next week and am wanting to do mostly Jillian to start but need yoga for muscle tension, flexibility and getting centered each day.
My sister and I would hop down to our basement and rock it out to some Billy Blanks Tae Bo or FIRM workouts. If I didn’t have the gym, I could handle some Tony Horton in exchange for a tough weights workout like this. I never feel like I’m working out when completing these workouts, yet finish drenched in sweat and with a nonnegotiable post-workout high. I took a conditioning class twice a week for the first half of last semester and every now and again we would do Insanity…oof. I love workout DVDs, especially for circuit workouts or strength – it’s so much easier to just do what they say than come up with my own routines!

She is primarily a Vinyasa instructor so her workouts are quite intense, but she does have some dvds that focus more on relaxation yoga if that's your cup of tea! She always keeps up with current workout trends and develops new workout options every year to keep your body coming back for more. For over a year I never set foot in a gym while losing 30 pounds and getting in great shape.
You never know what to expect since her workouts always keep you on your toes…but you do know to expect a burn. Plus, those premixes I mentioned on her DVDs mean you get like 3-4 different circuits with each DVD. My DVD repertoire has only continued to expand and I still think they give me a great workout.
Go ahead and view her video library (clips of EVERY DVD), then take your pick of a new workout to try.

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