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Top 5 back exercises project swole, build muscle six pack abs - How to DIY

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I thought about avoiding all compound exercises that exist in the top 5 best exercises for any other muscle group. It is important to bent over so that your upper body is close to parallel to the floor, but not so much that your lower back rounds over.
To integrate these exercises into a full body workout program, you should choose either #4 or #5 as your main back exercise, and follow it up with any one of the first 3 exercises. To integrate these exercises into a training program that splits the body amongst different days, you can do exercise #4 and #5 on back day, and follow it up with any one of the first 3 exercises. My question is this – On my back days I do medium grip chin ups and supinated BB rows. You should do biceps and back in one day so you won’t have to struggle on which workouts to do. 2-3 sets of 2-3 exercises for biceps curls each week plus heavy back training is all you really need to grow your biceps. To me, arm day is counterproductive unless you use compound exercises on that day, and there really are no compound arm exercises that don’t work back and chest, so arms day would become chest, back, and arms day.

So add 2-4 sets of biceps training on days when you aren’t training back that day, the previous day, or the following day. There’s no need to do more than two biceps exercises in any given workout, and those two exercises better be two totally different movements. This is the only direct bicep exercise that you can just pile weight on and use all the muscle of the biceps and forearms to get the weight up. Once you lower the dumbbell back to the starting position, start curling with the next arm. Ideally, the flat side of the dumbbell, at the top of the rep, should come close to touching the shoulder of the lifting arm. By pushing your butt back, you will be able to maintain a stronger core while getting lower to the floor. While pull ups are good for your arms and back, close grip chin ups bring that whole movement to a whole new bicep-mass-building-level. They are more of a secondary muscle group, and for them to really grow and get stronger, all the large muscle around them (shoulders, triceps, back, and chest) need to get stronger first.

If you do that, you will look back in 5 years and wish you hadn’t wasted your first couple years training only biceps and chest. Even consider breaking up the back and biceps exercise with something else entirely (legs or chest perhaps) in order to give the biceps some additional recovery time.
The problem is that my biceps isnt really growing good, so are there any changes possible to seperate back and biceps because I feel like this just isnt working out for me.
Therefore I will present the top 3 best direct biceps exercises and the top 2 compound exercises that you should use if you want big biceps.
Most experts agree that compound movements put far more mass on your body than isolation movements.Work your back as hard as you can, and there is no reason why your biceps should not be toast with it.

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