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We thought Rob Kardashian had it bad with his sisters since he got fat but it seems Khloe Kardashian Thinks French Montana Is Fat and wants him to loose the flab! Khloe—who dropped 30 pounds recently—“is frustrated with how self-indulgent French is,” a family friend confessed to Dish Nation. Despite really just an incremental gain–probably due to bloating or other not-too-serious causes–I think I’ve gotten a little slack with the principles of French Women Don’t Get Fat.
Americans often tend to confuse “French women don’t get fat” with, I can just eat French food.. Mireille insists that a proper breakfast is necessary for a thin French lifestyle, and I understand why. The most important part of the French woman diet is to watch your own body and lifestyle, continue to do the things that work, tweak the things that don’t, and perfect the process for your own self.

I put on a lot of weight when I left home and became a student – I just got into bad eating habits outside of the family structure of home.
In her book, Mireille insists that drinking a full 64 ounces (or more) of water is critical to losing weight and maintaining a thin figure. My gran on my dads side, who I didn’t get to see very often (not as much as my other grandma) due to distance, is French.
When I decided to lose weight, I started eating like my gran, even though I didn’t really get what I was doing at the time. This is a principle you can continue for the rest of your life and truly is one of the most critical aspects of the French lifestyle.
Mireille suggests you take one day where you can simply eat what you want and not worry too much about portions or richness, and many other French women give themselves the weekend for this.

However, it became clear that just a few principles allowed these French women to be thin without ever dieting or exercising! And yes, you’re right, despite all of that, most French women look amazing at any age! Keep in mind that your mind plays a huge part here, as the Cartesian-based French society knows well. Give yourself a limit so you can reach your weight goal and maintain it, and it will get easier with time.

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