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Tna sting dvd, upper arm and shoulder pain in left arm - Within Minutes

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The material and sale of the DVD being removed so quickly led to speculation that it may have had something to do with WWE, since Sting is under contract and about to perform at WrestleMania.
Below is a preview clip of the DVD in which Poffo, brother of the late Randy Savage, details why he eventually gave the go-ahead for WWE to induct the Macho Man into the Hall of Fame. WWE hasn’t pulled out every stop to prevent the growth of ROH like they have done to TNA throughout the years.
The Best of Sting was a very misleading title on WWE’s part as it only two of his biggest matches in his career while everything else was either filler or rare forgotten matches. Correct me if I’m wrong, but TNA appeared to have stopped producing DVDs all together.

However, within mere hours that trailer and all references to the DVD on ShopTNA and social media were pulled. The superstar made headlines in 2005 when he made an epic comeback to TNA Wrestling and immediately dominated the ranks! I remember in 2011 when Bryan won the World title ROH released a DVD on him the following week…same with Cesaro when he won the US title. Ring of Honor has released several DVDs with Bryan Danielson and CM Punk while both were working for WWE.
Hopefully TNA doesn’t make the same mistake with the title and actually shows his best matches as the headline suggests.

Including World Title matches against Kurt Angle, Jeff Hardy and Mick Foley, battles against longtime rivals Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair, his induction into the TNA Hall of Fame and so much more! If I remember correctly, Raw got the better ratings, and TNA shortly after moved Impact back to Thursday.

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