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The Company offers a wide range of capabilities, including equipment sales and leasing, and design and supply of complete integrated waste management facilities. In addition to the production of electrical energy, Thermogenics systems, in conjunction with alcohol processing equipment from Power Energy Fuels, Inc.
Form YOU 3 International, Inc.® consistently strives to provide our clients with the highest quality weight loss products available to help you burn fat and lose those excess pounds and inches!

Maximize your weight loss success with Maximum Strength 24 Hour Thermogenics Liquid Water Enhancer. That's why we are very excited to offer our all new Advanced Fat Burning 24 Hour Thermogenics Water Enhancer!
This all new formula contains Chromium Polynicotinate to help regulate appetite and reduce sugar cravings, Hoodia to help suppress appetite and Calcium Pyruvate to help burn fat more efficiently and help increase metabolism.

You can even help your body burn fat while you're on-the-go because our 24 Hour Advanced Fat Burning Thermogenics concentrate comes conveniently packaged in single serving pouches to take with you anywhere.

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Bent over one arm dumbbell raises

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