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The rock, chronic lower back pain - Review

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No, the hardest thing to believe about San Andreas is Dwayne Johnson’s all-white onscreen family.
It would be naive to think this is coincidence or that they’ve simply been accepted in traditionally white mainstream lead acting roles. Studio executives have done all this instead of rightly realizing that Dwayne Johnson is the People’s Champ. In trying to ensure he is appealing to everybody they’ve disconnected him from the people who should find him the most relatable. The good news is, Johnson has built enough clout in Hollywood that if he spoke up on his lack of Black love interests, Black onscreen children, or Black onscreen identity, someone might listen. In the month (or so) since Dwayne Johnson confirmed his mystery DC project would indeed be the long gestating Shazam movie. It’s not necessary to give him cornrows, dress him in baggy pants, and have him adopt a slang vernacular in order for us to see he is Black, nor is it required to cast him in all-Black films, but at the very least, he should be depicted more in the company of other Black people and appear to actually have something in common with them.
The best friend of Johnson’s character Ray is a Black man and Ray even has a short exchange with a young African American woman who wears her natural hair in an Afro.
Early in the film we also catch Ray staring longingly at an old photograph of his once-happy family, but it feels disingenuous, as does his phone conversation with his daughter. His career as an actor was built on the love and widespread acceptance from wrestling fans all around the world with various backgrounds who knew full-well his heritage and never cared that he was half Black and half Samoan. Here is an extremely hardworking Black man, an action star, the top grossing actor in the world, the biggest name in the business lately, making four movies a year, starring in a new HBO series, all while still putting butts in seats at the WWE as a professional wrestler, and the studios would have the world believe that he’s anything but Black. Share this empowering narrative on your social network of choice and ask others to do the same.

Isn't it an oxymoron to have so many articles promoting Our History and Pride, and then lay claim to people who (if at all) faintly identify themselves as someone as color. I remember growing up claiming any Pop star, Athlete, or anyone else of stature as Black, even though most denied or deliberately avoided the question of their ethnicity.
A pure black person with no admixture and a pure white person with no admixture could never produce a white child UNLESS the black parent is mixed somewhere in the gene pool People always forget that biracial people have kids with white people and can produce a white child. If I werea betting man, I would have had my money on The Rock for Black Adam from day one.I think that Black Adam is a far more interesting character than Billy Batson is anyway.
On the contrary, viewers can appreciate the horrific severity of real-life earthquakes that level whole towns, bury men, women and children indiscriminately, and shatter thousands of lives in its wake.
There have been only a handful of movies that stand out as having indicated Johnson’s Blackness.
His movies Gridiron Gang, The Other Guys, and The Gameplan were a step in the right direction, showing Johnson with a certain fellowship to other Black men, but those films are few and far between. In an ideal world we will see Black actors and actresses get more roles that aren’t contingent on their skin color. Fans who would pay to see him in anything simply because he is the most electrifying man in sports entertainment. Billy Batson is essentially just wish fulfillment for kids, which is great, but Black Adam has so much more depth to his character and has a far more intriguing journey to explore.If Robert Downey Junior was born to play Tony Stark, then Dwayne Johnson was born to play Black Adam. Viewers can entertain the possibility, however small the improbability, of a 9.6 earthquake traveling up the entire San Andreas Fault. In The Mummy Returns and The Scorpion King he is an Akkadian, in Hercules he is presumably Greek.

It was never necessary to cultivate an image that denied the existence of evidence of his culture.
Joe: Retaliation shows him as the father to black children, Walking Tall casts a black man as his father, and Be Cool features the WWE superstar wearing an Afro wig.
Hollywood has done such a great job at creating a racially ambiguous image for Johnson that they were able to cast him as the lead voice for a red-headed white man in the animated movie Planet 51 without raising an eyebrow. His father is an African American former wrestling tag team champion by the name of Rocky Johnson and his mother is the daughter of late Samoan wrestler Peter Maivia. At the end of the latter film, he also proudly displays his the Samoan heritage by doing a dance from the culture.
It is only later in the film when emotions become heightened that the father-daughter relationship feels authentic.
Movies with a Black cast will be movies for everybody, the same as movies with a white cast are. The only people we should celebrate are people who actually state they are Black and proud without being prompted.
While we are taking steps in that direction, frankly speaking, we just haven’t arrived there. That after a ton of persistence and probably badgering, The Rock has landed himself his dream role as one of the most complex, layered and formidable villains in the entire DC Universe.

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