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Whether you’re a past or present wrestling fan or not, there is not mistaken that Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock has taken the industry by storm. This film goes all the way back to the roots of this third generation legend and his journey to where he is today. Unlike most of the WWE spotlight features this will please the hardcore wrestling fans, but also deliver insight to those who know nothing about where he came from. The 3 disk set not only features the documentary, but also a collection of some of the greatest matches in not only his career but in the history of the wrestling industry. Bobby BlakeyDallas TV ExaminerBobby Blakey is the writer, artist, and creator of the web comic Last Stop.

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Not since Hulk Hogan has one man transitioned into such a dominated force in the entertainment industry.
Complete with great narratives and interviews with some of the top guys in the industry creates a true journey through his career and transition from the ring to the screen and back.
If you are someone who has followed his career in film it is ironic how he has taken some of the same turns as Hogan from action to family films, but unlike Hogan has managed to shift back into the action icon and keeps moving forward. What started out as a gimmick in the ring now rings true that Dwayne Johnson is now truly the most electrifying man in entertainment.

WWE has released an all-new documentary all about the most electrifying man in sports entertainment aptly titled The Rock: The Epic Journey of Dwayne Johnson. If you know nothing about this action stars career and the road he took to become a household name outside of the ring then you should really check this documentary out. Hearing the heart felt statements and stories from those in the industry and the man himself shows a true inspiration of a man who reached for the stars, surpassed them, and somehow managed to remember his roots and return to where he calls home.

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