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The murph, how to get abs for guys - Try Out

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We invite each and everyone of you to register for The Murph Challenge, by clicking the button below! I understand the value of the push-up, the pull-up, the sit-up, the squat, and the deadlift.
When you register, you will not only be pledging to participate in the Crossfit Hero WOD ‘MURPH’ (originally named ‘Body Armor’), you will also be joining a unique group of Americans who pay tribute to Michael P.

Starting May 26th, each registrant will have 2 weeks to submit their best time for approval. Just as there are a million ways to make chicken, so too are there a million ways to squat, sit up, pull up, push up, and deadlift. Formerly known as ‘Memorial Day Murph’, The Murph Challenge is an extended version of the Memorial Day tradition that so many supporters have been taking part in for the last several years.

From that board, the top 5 Men, and top 5 Women will be invited to San Diego, CA for The Murph Challenge FINAL.

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