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It’s heading for the end of January, which means the time for “2014 predictions” is fast running out (I think they are officially tolerated until the end of January.) 2013 ended with a pretty big bang for lean startup thinking, with the conference early December, and it will be interesting to see where we are by the end of the year. The term can cause shudders in online marketers and engineers alike, but growth hacking is legitimate and here to stay. It doesn’t treat marketing as a separate entity to the product being created, but makes it part of the process from day one. It’s an integral part of the product. I’ve written about this before, but lean thinking is infiltrating corporate worlds like much agile did years before that. Eric Ries, put up a recent podcast on bringing lean to established companies that’s worth a listen. Expect a lot of action in this arena. But as lean methodologies become more common practice, as Steve Blank noted in “Why the Lean Startup Changes Everything” (PDF) and we collectively share what works and what doesn’t, we could formulate some better understandings of what makes a startup successful using big(ger) data.

With the popularity of any new set of ideas and its subsequent take-up in the mainstream, there is always pushback on its limitations. As more and varied industries and companies try out lean startup practices, there are going to be increasing instances where it doesn’t work, be that because of culture, product or, well, there is no bottom-line benefit after its been tried and tested. Driving the corporate lust for lean is the need for innovation, as a result of legacy companies being left behind or disrupted by smaller, agile ones. This might not mean that lean is practised across a whole company like GE, but rather that corporates start to experiment with it within parts of the company. Blank’s Launchpad Central provides hope of collecting insights from its customers, but the sharing of data can indeed take place across any network. There is already pushback that lean does not work for hardware products and there will be others that find it doesn’t work for them.

With the acquisition of Yammer, Microsoft is now trying to install some of the smaller company’s culture into its headquarters.
Just this last week Lean Startup Machine (LSM), which held north of 125 workshops across 50 cities on six continents, announced a global partnership with Microsoft Ventures – a startup-focused initiative launched by Microsoft back in June – to expand into 600 cities over the next 18 months.
It’s healthy for a “movement” (as Ries refers to it) not to be taught as gospel, but rather as an alternative for a company seeking best practices for their product.

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