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The boz haircut, eating peanut butter while pregnant - For Begninners

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Born and raised in Oklahoma, where I can only assume his diet consisted of steroids, leather, and bleach, Bosworth was an All-American linebacker (and two-time Butkus Award winner) at the University of Oklahoma. The 1983 draft was crammed with future hall-of-famers like John Elway, Dan Marino, Eric Dickerson, and Darrell Green. He was drafted by the Seattle Seahawks, and IT WAS GO TIME - just as soon as he figured out how to get his helmet on.

When fantasy football nerds take copious notes and build dream scenarios in which an incoming rookie will get them to the championship game, as if they alone possess some secret information that the other nerds in their leagues do not.
Of course no one could have predicted how their respective careers would turn out, but people were legitimately excited about the players on the board.
There’s even a scene where Bosworth fights ex-power lifter Tom Magee IN JEANS (but no shirts), just like a couple of bros.

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