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Tabata interval training music, yoga for weight loss - For Begninners

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Is a double CD set and great tool designed for Tabata Workout and Hiit Training (High Intensity and Interval Training). All the 4 workouts have tailor-made timeframes and different BPM segments per session, rest when the music drops, workout when the music explodes!
TABATA INTERVALS send your Metabolic Rate through the roof, Giving your body no choice but to SCORCH FAT.
QUICK MUSCLE RECOVERY, which orders toned muscle fibers from the body, rather than burning muscle as energy. Tabata Intervals focus on short bursts of high intensity, burning fat while retaining and toning muscles. When I first found out about the Tabata Protocol I felt like I had stumbled across a miracle drug!

I had looked into tabata timers and things like that, but hated the idea of having to turn off my music so that I could hear a buzzer! You may choose to do consecutive Tabata Intervals (a FOUR MINUTE Tabata immediately following another). A wide selection of high quality, licensed, original artist music compiled for fitness instructors. Each CD has his own warm-up followed by 2 powerful interval workouts, cooldown and stretch. Just set up your playlist to play consecutive Tabata Songs, or set your favorite song to repeat. As a full-time touring musician with my band, Barefoot Truth, finding time (nevermind a place!) to workout each day has always been a struggle.

When doing this, the first ten seconds of your second song is your REST period from the last INTERVAL of your previous song. And they are just fun!”What makes Tabata Songs even better, is the fact they have music for all genres.

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