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Strong back, how to get flat abs fast and easy - .

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Building a strong back can help you stand taller and appear leaner because of better posture.
See your physician or another qualified medical professional immediately if you feel pain in your back or shoulders when you do these exercises.
Grab the bar with both hands facing up, and move your body back from the machine until the weight stack is lifted about an inch. If you want to build strong and broad upper body bodyweight back exercises are the best you can do.

Just look at those guys doing calisthenics they have immense, strong back, and they can do amazing movements on the bar. From my personal experience, they are also exceptional for developing the grip strength, lower arms and strengthen the lower parts of the back. Once, you feel you are getting familiar with the moves above, and your back muscles are stronger, then you can start doing chin ups and pull ups. These moves are surely harder and need stronger muscles, but they will take your back training one step further.

There are several moves you can do with weight, but I think none of them are as efficient as the bodyweight moves for back.

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