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Strength test of cement, best diet for weight loss - Try Out

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While measurements based on concrete cubes are widely used in the construction industry, the European standard for cement manufacture, EN 197, specifies a test procedure based on mortar prisms, not concrete cubes.
Used for test the compression resistant strength test for building materials, such as brick, cement, concrete specimen and component, etc. This machine is one automatic computer control electro servo hydraulic compression testing machine.

Equipped with specials auxiliaries, it can be used for bending resistant test of building materials and compression resistant test of red bricks. It adopts automatic electro servo hydraulic control for compressing concrete and cement bricks. They are perfect testing instrument for building project detection department, quality testing section, university and college, research institution and industrial and mining enterprise.

It is mainly used in compressive strength test of materials such as cement, concrete, brick, stone and other materials.

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