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Straight leg deadlifts exercise, how to flex your bottom abs - Try Out

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As you exhale, bend at the waist keeping your back straight and knees slightly bent until you feel tension in your hamstrings.
Notes: This exercise can be performed using dumbbells or a straight bar attached to the low pulley of a cable station.
Hey guys, just wanted to share a quick exercise with you to help develop and bring up those hamstrings. I’ve often seen many guys in the gym that have huge quads from squatting, leg pressing and leg extensions, but from the side, their leg lacks thickness, often because their hamstrings are way smaller in comparison. The stiff legged deadlift is not an easy exercise to master, especially if your hamstring muscles aren’t that flexible. My advice to you if you are just starting to work out and haven’t really attempted the deadlift at all, is to start off really light until you get the movement down. The stiff legged deadlift is a huge compound exercise that is not only good for the hamstrings, but your glutes and your lower back muscles as well.
Another key point is this is largely a hamstring exercise as much as it is a lower back exercise. Stiff leg deadlifts, also know as Romanian deadlifts, may seem unsafe to the casual observer, but they can be just as safe as regular deadlifts assuming you use the proper form and the correct weight.
I encourage you to get proper instruction before engaging in any heavy lifting techniques for the first time, especially if you're doing deadlifts.

The point of stiff-legged deadlifts is to start light and slowly progress to weights that are challenging--that is, heavy for you--but still solidly doable. I've used stiff-legged deadlifts as rehab from a slight lower back injury caused by poor deadlifting form. Deadlifts are another good way to strengthen the back, which focus on locking the spine into a safe and neutral position, then subjecting that structure to stress. When you do a stiff legged deadlift, you maintain your spine in a fixed curvature, and pivot at the hips.
As somebody mentioned, it is not the exercise that causes the lower back pain; however it can cause more stress on it further especially if you have had a lower back and weak hamstrings to begin with.
As for stiff legged DL, I love them and have pretty much replaced the conventional DL for it.
It’s pretty much the same movement as the regular deadlift, but you generally want to keep your legs as straight as possible or slightly bent.
This is one of the exercises that if done improperly can lead to a back injury or pulled leg muscles, so go light the first time.
If your hamstrings are lagging behind your quads, I highly suggest that you start off your leg work out by targeting them, so you can put full emphasis and focus on them before you burn out. Despite its name, proper form in this exercise requires a slight bend of the knees and when you bend down you need to be letting the middle of your body lean backwards over your center of gravity.

If I drop a napkin on the floor, I can safely bend down and pick it up without bending my back and using my legs. The reason there are posters on the wall at my work telling me to always bend my legs when I pick something up is because corporations assume (and rightly so) that almost nobody will know the proper technique to lift something any other way. When the stiff-legged deadlift is used correctly, it can help benefit your lower back and hamstrings by effectively targeting them and growing them stronger in attempts to minimize such pain. The hamstrings are the one muscle where machines help greatly if you want to build them up, but I’ve found that stiff legged deadlifts work amazing and over the years this exercise has become my favorite exercise to target the hamstrings. In contrast, the stiff-legged deadlift is useful because it works the muscles as they've moving through their intended range of motion, but must be loaded much lighter. I have heard a powerlifter say that this type of deadlift can be pretty dangerous due to the fact that the barbell does not touch the ground, breaking the tension on the back.
I have a pretty shifty lower back and have found foam rolling and stiff legged DL has saved me A LOT of pain. Many people prefer stiff legged deadlift for hamstrings development because it’s more of a power lifting exercise and is less boring then doing isolated leg curls.

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