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Following the TV portion of RAW, Sting did an in-ring interview with Renee Young for the WWE Network. And now, the thing that, if I ever tried to get people to start using #ask411 on Twitter, would actually trend, #BANNER! As for it becoming less common, I think it’s a combination of long hair going slightly out of fashion generally, coupled with the fact that most people tend to think about looking good for TV and DVD and such in wrestling, and in that environment long hair is less useful. Professional Wrestling has a long list of tropes and concepts that have been developed over decades. You can argue for and against wrestling being a morality play, you can debate it being modern mythology, you don’t have to agree that wrestling is art or that it’s sport or both or neither.
Anyone trying to book a Rumble after Patterson is going to have a hard time as Patterson was a genius when it came to having multiple stories and interweaving angles and wrestlers into the overall arc. Personal opinion though, I’d say from Royal Rumble 2000 through to Wrestlemania X7, while not universally perfect on every card, was pretty much good-great for the entire run and that’s really hard to top. Anyway, ‘Black Pain’ is now better known as Monster Pain, and he wrestles in his native Puerto Rico for World Wrestling League where he is the reigning, defending, undisputed and inaugural WWL World Heavyweight Champion.
Participants were told to expect wrestling-related content, as well as possible statements on quantum physics, homemade pharmaceuticals, the Turtle Total Trip Theorem, pizza and hydroponics.
Bo recalled having his face painted up like Sting’s when he was a kid and not washing it for days.
But at the very core of wrestling, I find it hard to believe that no-one would disagree that wrestling is about conflict.
But what I am saying is that if Cena is to become the measuring stick against which everyone is to be judged, then he has to be tweener at best, which you can argue he is now, I suppose.

If Sting wins, the story the WWE has been telling since 2001, that they are superior to WCW, is gone.
And Sting as WCW is fine, given that (even ignoring the three other companies he’s worked for) he was the loyal one who never left and stayed true. But then you feed those logical characters into the overriding arc, wherein Triple H is the evil authority figure running the company that is still nominally a face to the audience, and Sting is a face that is helping fellow faces combat the evil authority figure despite representing a company that has for over ten years being presented as the bad guy, or at least as incompetent and stupid by said face company. Or, you can think about wrestling being a brotherhood, and while wrestlers don’t always get along, there are unspoken agreements between all involved.
I mean, WWE 2000 is my goto, and Wrestlemania wasn’t superb, and a couple of the PPVs in there were passable but not great. There is certainly a very strong argument to be made that Piper was the greatest promo in the history of wrestling; there is also a very strong answer to be made that Dusty Rhodes was the greatest promo in the history of wrestling. Sting has been nonexistent since Mania, and while that sojourn is a yearly ritual for another dark character like UT, Taker won (almost) every single time out. Seth Rollins is an outstanding pro wrestler and so there’s tons of potential opponents with whom he could deliver a match fit for Not Quite The Grandest Stage Of Them All But Certainly Still A More Than Adequate One. Chael has the athletic pedigree and at less than 40, still has a few years left in the tank. Sting said he didn’t know what the future holds and is not sure what opportunities WWE will give him.
Bo then said that Sting lost his entire legacy at WrestleMania, and to succeed in WWE, he needed to Bo-lieve.
I personally don’t think they should turn him heel, and don’t think he ever will be heel, and I want to hear your thoughts on my opinion that John Cena will never turn because he isn’t a wrestler – he is a prop and a plot device.

John Cena as a more generalised version of The Streak certainly sounds good in theory, you can then proceed to make guys constantly by having them beat Cena wrestle Cena and look good in those matches before Cena wins in the end. They don’t all make sense, they aren’t all logical, but at the end of the day, wrestling has one key element to it that all others devolve from. Still, Sting is probably the biggest name out there who doesn’t already have plans for the event, unless WWE were willing to hot shot out of the Authority and into a Student vs. I’ll be conservative and say the statement is Fiction, although Hot Rod was so remarkably charismatic he actually transcended the wrestling business and became a proper pop culture icon, which is an accomplishment not many others in the business can match. Sting, on the other hand, seems to have been forgotten since jobbing to H, and the writing has been on the wall for him since Vince said on an investors’ call in late March that he plucked Sting from obscurity. He talked trash to Anderson Silva for 3 straight years including an old-school wrestling promo at UFC 136 and made himself, Silva, Dana White, and the Fertittas a lot of money in the process Even more remarkable was the way that he talked his way (and injuries and right place, right time, yada yada) into a title fight with Jon Jones without so much as a single round at light heavyweight in a decade. Chael is an extremely talented guy on the mic and is a fan of pro wrestling and could easily slide into a commentator roll, if given the opportunity.
Their rivalry was the basis for WrestleMania I and II, without which WWF most likely wouldn’t have survived.
The likes of Josh Matthews, Matt Morgan, John Morrison, Kenny King, Ryback and the Miz are all alumni of the show, and while it would be a stretch to say all of these wrestlers reached whatever level of success they achieved in their careers as a direct result of entering the competition, it does at the very least mean that Tough Enough is a show where you might see a notable wrestler of the future during the formative years of their career. It strikes the best balance to-date of behinds-the-scenes drama, real life stakes, and wrestling training.

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