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Stiff leg deadlift form smith machine, how to get 6 pack abs for kid - For You

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It's no wonder that when you search for exercises that burn the most calories and really build muscle you will always find Deadlifts as one of the top exercises listed.
Unlike the Romanian deadlift in which you must maintain a straight back in the stiff legged deadlift it’s allowed to round slightly the lower back in down position to place more emphasis on the lower back and lessens the involvement of hams and glutes. If you are new at this exercise give your self enough time to learn the right form and work on your hamstrings and lower back flexibility.

Don’t use side mirrors to watch yourself during the stiff legged deadlift, this can cost you a neck injury. Grasp the bar using a shoulder width overhand grip, with your hands exactly outside your legs and dismount it from the rack.
Lower the bar a few centimeters in front of your legs and allow your lower back to round slightly as you descend.

If you are not sure that you performing the exercise in the right way provide yourself an experienced partner to observe you during the movement and corrects your form.

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