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Steph curry workout, post workout stretches routine - How to DIY

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Golden State Warriors point guard Stephen Curry is one of the leading candidates for MVP this season. Curry is averaging 23 points, five rebounds, and eight assists per game for the first-place Warriors, and he’s doing it as the most exciting player in the league. To reach this elite status, Curry puts in a ton of work on his game, as highlighted by Ron Kroichick of the San Francisco Chronicle.
The article highlights several of Curry’s drills for improving his ball-handling, one of which is a unique drill where he has to react to flashing lights. Most intriguingly, Curry also dribbles while five lights alternately flash on a wall in front of him.
Curry is able to maintain his dribble, switching hands, while also tossing a tennis ball against the wall and reacting to different lights.

Curry has worked hard to establish himself and has become one of the premiere players in the NBA, while Thompson is quickly on the rise and well on his way to becoming an elite shooting guard in this league.
Stephen Curry (right ankle) has been cleared to participate in all basketball-related activities. Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry has received full medical clearance to resume all basketball-related activities, including five-on-five scrimmages, following an examination on his surgically repaired right ankle by Dr. Curry, who missed 40 games overall last season due to a right ankle injury, originally underwent surgery on the ankle on April 25, 2012.
Since the surgery, Curry has maintained a consistent rehabilitation program, which led him to begin participating in limited basketball-related activities in July. While he’s known for his lethal shooting, Curry has become incredibly tough to defend when he was the ball in his hands.

They’ve selected an impressive crop of guards to attend the training camp, which will make it difficult for both Steph Curry and Klay Thompson to make the final roster.
Coach Mike Krzyzewski will have a hard time finding a better shooter than Curry and Thompson. Curry was a member of the 2010 USA World Championship team that finished with a gold medal.
With Russell Westbrook pulling out and John Wall currently left off, Thompson’s opportunity to represent Team USA is looking good.

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