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Starting strength program, side stitches running - Try Out

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Starting Strength just might be the #1 most popular training routine recommended to those who are new to strength training. The Starting Strength routine is designed specifically for beginners and those inexperienced in the basic strength building movements. If you fit this description, than Starting Strength is probably for you.
If you are an intermediate to advanced lifter, you will probably find the prescribed progression in weights too fast. Beginners are usually able to make progress much more quickly.If you do hit a wall in progression too quickly using Starting Strength, check out the intermediate and advanced routines.

Starting Strength has been used by thousands of lifters since then and has spread in popularity alongside the book, Starting Strength. Strength training usually requires a more structured approach in terms of planning each week or even day’s exercise routine.
In contrast to a bodybuilding routine, programs such as this usually require a bit of calculation in that the amount of weight used for warm up sets and work sets is constantly changing. This spreadsheet will automatically calculate a 12 week progression with increases of 2.5kgs for the Squat, Bench Press, Overhead Press, Power Clean and 5kg increases for the Deadlift.

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