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Standing russian twist, decline bench russian twist - Try Out

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An exercise in his programme – the Standing Russian Twist – helps to build a rock-solid core, burn fat and improve sports performance. If you do the medicine ball Russian twist while seated, you will use your low back muscles more so than if you do it standing. Do not move the ball or your arms during the exercise.VariationsYou can also do a standing version of the Russian twist with a medicine ball.
This version is not as challenging for your abdominal muscles as the seated leaning version because you negate the effects of gravity in a standing position.
You also reduce the activity of your low back muscles.For a more challenging Russian twist, perform the seated version, but hold your feet a few inches above the floor throughout the movement. ProgressionRussian twists are abs exercises with several variations to match up to your fitness level. More advanced exercisers can try the harder variations but should stop immediately if they are unable to maintain proper exercise form for the Russian twist.BasicThe basic Russian twist is a bodyweight exercise using just the weight of your upper torso to work your abs.

Unlike crunches when you curl your back and rest it on the floor between repetitions, the Russian twist makes you hold your spine in neutral off the floor the entire time. Lean back approximately 45 degrees and then twist side to side from your waist.IntermediateEventually bodyweight exercises lose their challenge as your abs and back adapt and get stronger. This is when using additional weight is appropriate to keep the Russian twist from becoming too easy.
Simply hold the weight with your arms straight in front of you and sit in the same position as the basic twist, then rotate side to side.
This action strengthens the oblique muscles on the sides of the abdomen.AdvancedPerforming the Russian twist on a stability ball is an exercise appropriate for advanced exercisers. Then, twist to the left and roll your right shoulder off the ball as your hands point to the right.
You strengthen your rectus abdominus, transverse abdominus, lower back and oblique’s with the stability ball Russian twist.StandingA standing Russian twist targets the oblique’s through rotating your spine.

To do this variation of the Russian twist, stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and hold a medicine ball with your arms straight in front of your abdomen.
Twist to the left and then twist to the right and throw to the wall.Beneficiary muscle groupsRussian twists are one of the best ways to work on your oblique, the muscles that help rotate your torso. People who have weak lower backs should start performing Russian twists while sitting on a chair or bench, keeping the hands gripped on the sides of the chair. Advanced exercisers can make Russian twists more difficult by holding a weight in both hands, keeping the arms straight out in front during the twist.

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