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Standing calf raises toes in, strength training plan for marathon runners - Reviews

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Toes Turned Out – ┬áTurn your toes out on the seated calf raise or a standing calve raise and do 10 -12 reps, medium to medium high weight.
Personally, I have found the seated calve raise machine to be more beneficial for building muscle than the standing calve raise. The standing calf raise machine allows the exercise to be performed with the heels below the toes – a position that works the calf muscles over a greater range of movement (ROM). Look straight ahead and focus your balance so that it is evenly distributed across your toes.

Single-leg body weight calf raise: Calf raise exercises are more sport specific when performed from a free-standing position, with or without weights. From a standing position, use feet, ankles and calf muscles to propel your body into the air.
There is also considerable research evidence to suggest that heavy weight machine (or free weight) standing calf raises, which place an emphasis on the lowering (eccentric) part of the movement, are a very effective way of conditioning out potential Achilles tendon problems and even treating Achilles tendinosis (see PP 206 Dec 04 and The World Sports Science Training Workbook, PP books 2004).
Perform 3 x 10 single-leg calf raises on each leg, with 90 seconds’ recovery between sets.

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