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Stability ball full body workout, muscles of the chest anatomy - For Begninners

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The scorpion is a favorite.  We did it in our first circuit with Best Body Bootcamp, and I just had to share it with ya!  I haven’t done the scorpion in quite a few years, so it was “fun” to get back into that exercise again.  Remember to stretch when your finished!! This entry was posted in Uncategorized, Workouts and tagged circuit, circuit with stability ball, full body stability ball workout, stability ball workout, workout on October 27, 2012 by fromfltond. This morning my little man is sick with a fever, so I hung out with him down stairs and did my workout while he was on the couch watching Madagascar 3.  I must say that I laughed quite a bit at the movie while working out, and it made it even harder for me to keep my balance. Oblique Crunch – Hint:  If you are a beginner, place your feet against a wall to help stabilize you. This entry was posted in Workouts and tagged circuit with stability ball, core workout, exercise ball, full body stability ball workout, stability ball workout on October 20, 2012 by fromfltond.
As part of the celebration for the start of BBB, I figured why not take you through a similar style of workout as the workouts participants will jump start their training with for the first two weeks.

As important as stabilization is to our training, we can often neglect it in preference of more traditional exercises and modes of training. The workouts and training methods for every round of boot camp are completely different…but I always make sure to start with the important foundation of stabilization training. Or toss in an exercise on a stability ball randomly, but not really dedicate ourselves to a full workout or cycle of training (even better). I’ve been trying to include more stabilization workouts into my routine and it’s always a pleasant surprise when I find my core feeling sore (and strong) the next day! It emphasizes balance in the musculoskeletal system and improving both postural and core stability. As a beginner, stabilization is a great place to start and build upon for beginner level clients.

Right after you register, you receive an email with access to the community group and the group site so you can get connected, get the workouts, and get started immediately. As a more advanced exerciser, stabilization allows for recovery and aids in the maintenance of muscular control to prevent the risk of injury in other more intense styles of training.

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