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At the end of 2010, the IPF changed the weight class categories and the Club records were frozen as a result.
Nutrition, in powerlifting, primarily serves two purposes: 1) performance enhancement and 2) weight management. I think the idea that one “chooses” their weight class is misleading if not outright false. For the truly obese, fat can help in the squat and bench press because it can somewhat reduce range of motion. Let’s take a look at three case studies to crystallize the concept of why you need to maximize your muscle mass relative to your weight class. With time, and I must emphasize WITH TIME, while still being lean, you should aim to be the shortest and most muscular person in your weight class. Now that we’ve covered the “what” of Powerlifting Nutrition, in the next article we’re going to discuss the “how” from a broad perspective; we’re going to talk about how to “manage your weight” from the 30,000 foot view.
In subsequent articles, we’ll break down each piece of the process getting into the exact details of cutting, bulking, and making weight.

A lifter who achieves a National qualifying standard is then eligible to compete at any chosen weight class at the National Championships. All that really matters is lifting your ass off, being the best you can be, and records of course haha.
A weight class sport is one in which competitors are divided up into different divisions depending on how much they weigh. The weight class that one should compete in is the weight class where the amount of muscle on their frame is maximized relative to the limit of that weight class.
In the squat, a big, fat gut can provide a cushion in the bottom when your belly compresses into your thighs.
Of course, these guys won’t be competing against each other; they’re not in the same weight class. You must maximize the amount of muscle you carry relative to the weight class you’re competing in. You cannot compete in any class where you are above the maximum weight and, likewise, you cannot compete in any class where you do not make the minimum weight.

However, unless you are a geared powerlifter, meaning someone who uses squat suits and bench shirts, being fat is not going to appreciably increase performance.
Otherwise, you’ll be competing against shorter athletes who can fit more muscle onto their frame while still staying in that weight class. To be explicitly clear, just as in the programming series, when the nutrition series wraps up, I will be releasing a free eBook detailing the exact nutrition plan and weight management strategy that I believe to be optimal.
When you’re constantly eating enough to gain weight, assuming you’re not doing some sort of low carb non-sense, your glycogen tank is completely full. More of Athlete B’s LBM is coming from pure muscle mass simply because his skeleton weighs less. It is more likely that Athlete B will have the most muscle in his weight class than it is that Athlete A will be the most muscular lifter in his weight class.

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