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Squat record for high school, crick in neck - Try Out

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Sometimes after a big squat attempt, it is difficult to move directly into a fast paced bench press session. Matt Harper from Bossier City, LA, and coached by John Taberlet, put together a great performance for his first time on the international platform.
The University of Texas lifter, Preston Turner, came in with high expectations as the two-time and defending Junior World Powerlifting Champion.
Congratulations to Preston Turner for winning the 2013 IPF Junior World Powerlifting Championships!

He knew that he could not out squat the Russians (today), but he needed every pound he could get to add to the total. Aaron also came in with high expectations as the defending Junior World Powerlifting Champion. This was a nice squat, however, the competition had dramatically increased since last year. That is when the crowd lost control with a huge celebration for Preston Turner’s victory!

If successfully pulled, it would have secured Outstanding Lifter of the entire meet and the SubJunior World Record in Total.

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