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Sprained shoulder ice or heat, cardio to burn fat at home - Test Out

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Ice and heat are commonly used to treat sports-related injuries, such as sprained ankles or shoulder injuries. Although it is important to check in with your doctor or trainer if you suffer an injury, here are some general guidelines for using ice or heat. In cases where an athlete is experiencing chronic soreness or pain, perhaps due to an overuse injury, ice can be applied after activity to ease discomfort and reduce swelling in the area. Be sure the ice pack is covered in a towel before applying to the affected area, and never use ice on areas of the body with poor circulation.
Heat is used to help relax muscles and tissue, stimulate blood flow, relax spasms and soothe sore muscles. If you suffer from recurrent or persistent pain, such as back or shoulder pain, a heating pad or even a hot towel applied to the area can provide relief by relaxing the muscles. Do not apply a heat treatment for more than 20 minutes at a time, and never apply heat while sleeping. Another way to use heat to ease pain is by taking a hot bath or shower, or by sitting in a sauna or steam bath.
Remember: if you suffer an acute injury while participating in winter activities, apply ice to the area as quickly as possible. Available in 2 sizes and shapes, the neck shoulder wrap offers anatomically correct heat and ice therapy in one convenient wrap. Therapeutic heat applications are known to benefit muscle strain, joint sprain, tendon pain as well offering a relaxing therapeutic treatment for stress relief. The neck and shoulder wrap will provide these therapies in one easy to use wrap that fits perfectly on the neck and shoulders.

Either of these make a great therapeutic tool to keep around the house or office, especially if you have been experiencing neck and shoulder pain. The special cover uses a plush type material on one side for a slower releasing of the therapeutic heat or ice, and the other side provides a more rapid releasing treatment for quicker results.
There are a variety of way to apply ice packs for neck pain, as well as heat therapy to relieve pain for both acute and chronic problems. Available in 2 configurations: one designed for the neck and a 3 section shape which is perfect for applying heat and ice to both the neck and shoulders.
Too much heat can result in burns, so falling asleep with a heating pad under your back is not safe. They are comfortable, using a special protective cover that is easy on the skin, will not produce frost and the design and shape offers a snug fit around the neck and shoulders.
The neck and shoulder wrap offers 2 different options to suit your needs; a one piece design which targets primarily the neck area, and a three section wrap for using heat or cold to the neck and shoulder areas.
The three piece neck and shoulder wrap provides a unique design and measures 9 by 16 inches, using an 18 inch strap. If you sprain your ankle while jogging, applying an ice pack can help minimize swelling due to your injury. During the first 48 hours after an injury, ice should be applied several times a day for no more than 20 minutes at a time to decrease swelling and control pain.
Heat should not be used directly following physical activity, as it can aggravate existing pain. It’s important to stay hydrated during systemic heat therapy, and to avoid prolonged exposure to the heat.

Use the back of your palm to check the temperature, since ovens heat differently, and you can press the wrap, kneading it to spread the gel around. You might even take a clue from your chiropractor and use a heating pad to relax that knot in your right shoulder. All the chemical reactions in the area slow to a crawl, including those that contribute to swelling and inflammation.To use cold therapy safely, apply a gel pack, bag of crushed ice, or even frozen vegetables for 15 to 20 minutes every hour or two, all day if possible. It is also eco-friendly and will maintain therapeutic temperatures for longer periods of time than typical ice and heat packs.
If needed, you can continue to heat it, checking it every 10 seconds, repeating the kneading, until the best temperature is reached. Whether you sprained an ankle or pulled a muscle, you’ll reap the most reward from ice’s inflammation-fighting properties at this stage, Dr. Hot packs also fight pain by altering the messages your sensory nerves send back to your brain, Hettler says.You can use a moist heat pack warmed in water, electric heating blanket, or a popcorn-type pack that goes in the microwave.
In this case, skip the heating pad and create warmth from within through gentle movement—say, a few minutes of walking or easy cycling.

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