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Split jumps ballet, obliques workout plan - For You

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Ballet Exercises - Split LeapsHi Odette!I've been having a lot of problems with my grand jetes. I can do my oversplits with my front leg about a foot and a half above the ground but I still can't seem to get my legs into a full split in the air.I've also been having trouble getting my back leg higher in to the air.

Also, don't forget to look at my ballet jumps page.Firstly, if you want to get a full split you have to be able to do this position static as well as in the air. It is a timing thing, but I think you can make the illusion of the split look better when you think of throwing the front leg up like a grand battement and then pushing that back leg up higher in the air.Mainly, you have to give this step attack and power to make the split.

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