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Spider curls, abs workouts at the gym - Review

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The Spider curls is a very good (if not the best) old-school way to bring out the full potential of your biceps. If you are curious as to why the hell be this move called “spider” curls; it was because the very first bench where Larry used to do this was on the one designed by Vince Gironda which had 8 legs – hence the name, spider curls.
For a more sadistic workout, choose Spider curls to execute either your drop sets, Rest pause, Inflitonics or Omni Contractions for biceps.

No surprise there since the position of the body during spider curls doesn’t allow for any assisting muscle so the biceps would really do all of the work which make spider curls the greatest way to really target the Biceps and only the biceps.
For curls that would look like this: 7 reps from bottom to just shy of the midway, 7 reps from just above the midway to the contracted portion, then 7 reps on the move’s full range of motion.

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