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Sore sternum after dips, help to lose weight without exercise - Review

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Anyways, today we are here to talk about cracking in one specific area of our body – sternum. Once again, this is completely normal, especially if you are stretching yourself after longer period of inactivity (in the morning, for instance). I tried doing dips several months ago and, when I finished my set, I was struck by an intense, sharp pain in area around my collarbone.
Strenuous activity – any strenuous activity which puts additional pressure to the chest, can cause sternum popping.

But if you start experiencing pain, tenderness of soreness in the breastbone area, you should talk to your doctor. Doing dips is incredibly difficult (for most people), it`s an advanced exercise and it has to be done with extreme caution… especially if you are just a beginner, like me. It is usually in the sternoclavicular joint (joint between the collarbone and sternum) or in any of the numerous sternocostal joints (joints between the ribs and the sternum). It doesn`t have to be a personal trainer, but make sure you find someone familiar with these types of exercises to show you the correct way of doing dips.

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