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Sore neck and shoulders from sleeping, wolverine diet and training - How to DIY

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The most common complaints of chronic neck pain and shoulder pain I have seen is caused by strain in 2 particular muscles which connect the neck and shoulder.
As a part of neck & shoulder pain treatment, in addition to correcting any postural problems and reviewing neck exercises, I also like to demonstrate a nice stretch to mobilize the middle and lower part of the trapezius, especially for inactive people or if you sit at a computer all day. Lie on your back and place elbows, forearms and palms of hands together in front of your chest.
There is an association with initiating therapy for neck and shoulder pain with physical factors along with psychological and social factors in a working environment.
Short term exposure to work above shoulder level, frequent bending and twisting at work and lifting heavy loads produced higher relative risks of neck & shoulder pain. Sitting work for more than 95% of the working day has been identified as a risk factor for neck pain. The experience of being affected by changes without being able to influence anything, or seeing how skills that used to be of importance lose their relevance, seems to be associated with seeking care because of neck & shoulder pain. Neck or shoulder pain is more common among women and is associated with a combination of physical and psychosocial factors, both at work and in the family setting.
Shoulder and neck symptoms have been linked to jobs with highly repetitive work, static work, and work above shoulder level. Mechanical exposure for men and job strain (the combination of high job demands and low job decision latitude) for women are factors most strongly associated with a higher risk for developing shoulder and neck pain.
Research shows that between 50 and 90 percent of people with chronic joint pain don’t sleep well. If you have chronic pain in your hips, knees or shoulders, there are things you can do to limit how much the discomfort affects your nighttime rest, says Michael Schaefer, MD, Director of Musculoskeletal Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation at Cleveland Clinic. Take appropriate medication. If you’re using regular acetaminophen or ibuprofen and your pain breaks through the night, consider switching to a different pain reliever. Maintain good sleep hygiene. Keep your sleep schedule as consistent as possible – turn off the television, put all electronics away, turn off lights and keep your room as quiet as you can. Normal joint pain, especially in the hips, knees and shoulders, frequently worsens at night, he says. I am frustrated when people take their own personal experiences and generalize that this must be the case for EVERYBODY.
Holly Pederson, MD, is a Staff Physician and Director of Medical Breast Services at Cleveland Clinic's Breast Center. Michael Rabovsky, MD, is an active proponent of family medicine and serves as Chair of the Department of Family Medicine in the Cleveland Clinic Medicine Institute. Christopher Travers, MS, is an exercise physiologist on staff for both Cleveland Clinic Sports Health and Cleveland Clinic Executive Health. Using a neck pillow is a great way to help relieve muscular stiffness as well as headaches. It is important to choose the right neck pillow and to become familiar with which neck pillows will provide the best pain relief and support. We sleep almost a third of our lifetime, thus it is important to have a good, supportive pillow to help prevent neck pain as well as related sleeping problems. If your neck pillow is not supporting you properly you can experience stiff neck, headaches or even pain in the shoulder, arm and hand.
It is important to avoid the use of a pillow that is too low or absolutely no neck pillow whatsoever, that causes an unsupported neck to be in strain the whole night. Regardless if you are sleeping in the back or side sleeping position , the pillow should be supple enough in order to conform the weight and shape of your head yet still support your neck.
A quality of a supportive pillow for the neck is making use of a contoured neck portion, which helps to support the anatomical curve in a natural, healthy neck posture throughout the evening.
When your head is positioned too far up or down too low relative to your body, the neck can be put under significant.
The majority of people sleep and their in the side and back sleeping postures, however these postures need to have different levels of support. During the back sleep posture, the head must be supported with the proper height, yet it must prevent the head from being pushed forwards, which is frequent reason for restricted air flow passages, as well as keep the head from rotating excessively sideways which can strain neck muscles. In order to determine if a neck pillow is helping or if you need a new pillow, you can use an online form for Neck Pillow Progress. Generally, neck pillows will come in different sizes and usually you should choose based on your size, however, if you have a saggy bed you may want to get a higher height pillow.
Popular and effective, memory pillows offer a unique level of support and comfort and make use of a foam with special properties. The new water pillows provide a level of control over the support and is rapidly taking over the memory foam as the most popular! Another effective choice is the inflatable pillow which uses air cells that are inflatable along with dual action columns for a unique level of adjustability and pressure relief shown by infrared studies to superior to memory foam and water pillows.
Buckwheat pillows are a great alternative to the contour shaped pillows which you can mold or contour yourself and allows air to circulate which can keep your neck cool if you sleep in a warm environment.
Often, people who suffer with neck pain also have low back pain and I find a good body pillow to be another great alternative for total body alignment.
So if you wake up in the mornings with a headache, have neck pain, stiff neck or just can’t seem to get comfortable when you sleep, your neck is telling you that you need more support. Prior to contacting us for questions regarding the pillow that might work best for you, please read the article How To Choose The Right Neck Pillow, Best Pillow For Neck Pain and, as a guide, please see the Neck Pillow Ratings page. If you still have questions, please feel free to contact Neck Solutions and we will be glad to take some time to try and help you make the best decision. Client TestimonialsThank you very much for helping out and replying to me so quickly good thing you guys are doing on here.- AyoSo sorry to not get back to you sooner. Balms such as IcyHot or Namman Muay (an herbal balm from Thailand) help heat or simulate heat on the skin.
Hydrotherapy, or water therapy, may also be effective.[2] Hydrotherapy may be done at home in the shower, and offers a different kind of massage. People who sleep on their backs should not sleep with too many pillows, as this can create a sharp, uncomfortable angle between the neck and the shoulders during the night. For one minute, focus your awareness on what is happening to you at this very moment; look at your thoughts and emotions, inspecting them. For the the final minute, spend your time expanding your awareness outside of your immediate consciousness: from your head to your fingers, toes, hairs, and eventually outside your body, if possible.

Rubbing your neck can help the pain go away, so ask someone to rub your neck for you - it really helps.
If you use a handheld device, like an iPhone, always hold it level to your face, and make your head go behind your shoulders a bit.
Avoid sleeping on couches, chairs, or other locations that don't offer proper support for the neck.
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The first muscle is the levator scapula which uses the neck as a base to raise the shoulder from the back. Common causes are from stress of constant chronic elevation of the shoulders as in holding a phone without proper elbow support or sitting in a chair without proper armrests.
Keep the back of the elbows and wrists in contact with the floor and swing the arms down against the sides of the body.
Increasing neck & shoulder pain corresponds to increased number of years working at a certain job is noted with sewing machine workers, assembly workers, and secretaries indicating a dose related response of exposure in these type of working conditions. Due to physical exposure, an increase in muscle activity may start a cycle of neck and shoulder muscle pain in working environments consisting of repetitive tasks and awkward working positions. The risk of seeking care for neck or shoulder pain is nearly double among those who perceived an increase in workload. It seems that for the few people for whom work has become more demanding, the risk of developing neck & shoulder pain has also increased. Among women, an increased amount of computer work, work in a seated position, work above shoulder level, and reduced opportunities to acquire new knowledge, and among men, an increased amount of sitting at work were associated with neck and shoulder pain. And, that sleep deprivation can lead to other health issues, including low energy, mood disorders and eating problems.
If you take them too long, you’ll need higher doses and may have trouble breaking this habit. Regularly scheduled low-impact exercise, such as walking, bicycling or swimming, can help with both pain and sleep disorders.
Your sleep position and the alignment of your body are responsible for most of the pain, but some comes from being so still at night. You need to find the right doctor…one who will explain to your family that this is not a psychological condition and that you are not making this up for attention.
Nothing takes the place of personal interaction with a knowledgeable, compassionate and creative physician.
Anyone who has had the flu, when your entire body hurts and you have trouble with basic functioning…this is what it feels like. The Rheumatologist has ordered various anti depressants that are supposed to help with the pain and help me sleep. A 6 year old pillow can get 10 to 25 percent of it’s actual weight from dust mites and their by-products! A properly designed neck pillow will provide anatomically correct postural alignment regarding the head, neck and shoulders in both back and side sleeping positions.
Having a lot of pillows as well as a pillow that is too high can easily force the neck upwards pinching the joints together. Because the head is larger and heavier than the neck, providing adequate support with no misaligning of your neck is essential. Don’t loose the gains you have made with posture correction exercises for the neck or any of the great neck products we offer by sleeping on the wrong pillow. This helps to prevent strain of muscles and uneven pressure on joints which can cause inflammation, a common cause of neck pain when waking in the morning.
If your head rolls too far to one side while back sleeping without the pillow responding or conforming to a different level, similar problems can result in upper back and neck pain.
The factors described above and evaluation with this form is the best method I have found to choose the right one from the many choices in support pillows for neck pain.
An adjustable pillow like our inflatable neck pillow is a good choice when different height levels are needed.
Usually, the best pillow for seniors is one that provides soft support for the head and neck. They tend to dampen vibrations associated with some regular foam pillows and can help keep your neck warm on cold nights. If you do not object to a little effort (adjusting the water level), this may be the best overall pillow for comfort and support. We have buckwheat hull pillows that are 100% organic and are superior in quality to most others I have seen. Epsom salts are made of magnesium and sulfate, and offer a go-to remedy for many health ailments in addition to relaxing the mind.
If you have been in an accident, are experiencing illness, or think you might have whiplash, see your doctor about getting a proper medical neck brace.
If you've woken up and experienced torticollis, or pain in the neck from sleeping awkwardly, you're like millions of other people. Many people report having a pain in their necks after doing something that they don't normally do, such as garden, a new exercise, or packing and moving. Try to meditate, focusing your attention away from your hectic, busy life, and toward your inner states. Emotional stress can have a strange effect on your physical health, and some even say that emotional stress can cause physical pain.
Find something — swimming, running, cycling, climbing — that makes you excited and feel alive. Your neck usually becomes sore as a result of sleeping in an irregular position, or using an inappropriate amount of pillows, causing your neck to stretch out in an awkward manner.
She loves to write articles (she has started 55 of them herself!), fix grammar mistakes, organize and revamp articles, and help other wikiHowians. Other causes are injury to the joints from a side to side force and long term or chronic compression of the muscle as with tight bra straps or a heavy coat that does not fit right. Pause and relax while practicing several cycles of breathing exercises and repeat the stretch. Work related factors, both of physical and psychosocial origin, as well as lifestyle factors, have been identified as being associated with a high prevalence and incidence of neck and shoulder pain.

The prevalence of neck problems increases with amount of hours in a day with computer use and amount of time with shoulders raised. Long term exposure to hindrance at work, an increase of exposure to reduced opportunities to acquire or use new knowledge, or lack of opportunity to participate in planning of the work are associated with seeking care because of neck and shoulder pain. It will keep your arm immobile and prevent you from sleeping with your arm in an awkward position.
Add a foam pad on top if you need it to help evenly distribute your weight and keep your joints in alignment. Schaefer recommends pain killers that last between 12 and 24 hours, such as naproxen (Aleve®).
For those with severe, widespread, and very active flares, this offers no real insight or advice. Whether depression and anxiety are underlying symptoms or caused by something is splitting semantic hairs.
One of the most profound benefits is the effect using a good neck pillow can have on the curve and alignment of the neck when used properly over a period of time.
You may have to try more than one to find the best pillow for you and your needs, but lets try to get some basics down and then look at a method to help you determine the right one. Pillow for traveling made with memory foam are great when riding in a vehicle to help minimize harmful vibrations and fluctuations in temperatures that may aggravate neck pain.
Often, a combination pillow – one which combines memory foam, supportive foam and fiber fill material can provide the answer.
Sore necks can be caused by a variety of things, including uncomfortable sleeping positions, injuries, and ergonomically lacking workstations.
To do this at home, roll up a bath towel and wrap around your neck so that your base of your skull rests on top of the towel. Rubbing alcohol starts off cold and gradually gets warmer, offering the same effect as some balms.
Then, in the middle of the night, when the temperature drops precipitously, the cold air causes the neck muscles to stiffen and cramp. If you know you've done something that puts you a risk at torticollis, massage your neck, flex it with different exercises, and take a warm bath before bed. You may find it helpful in giving you perspective in addition to warding off neck pain that's caused by emotional stress. Repetitive hand and finger movements and monotonous work tasks, awkward postures, duration of sitting and twisting and bending of the trunk, adverse psychosocial conditions at work, and smoking are examples of such factors.
Overuse of the muscles can cause pain and chronic fibrosis (scar tissue) leading to inflammation and altered patterns of motion.
On the job pressure, monotonous work, and a high perceived workload have also been associated with neck and shoulder pain just as much as working situations characterized by high psychological demands, low decision latitude, and low social support. He recommends you start out sleeping on your side – avoiding a sore shoulder if you have one – with a pillow between your legs.
I am grateful for a family doctor who trusted my experiences, admitted it was beyond his expertise, and referred me to a specialist. Depression comes from not being able to pick up my 40 lb 6 year old at the age of 42, constant cortisone injections, nerve block procedures in my my neck and back, facet procedures, pt, med after med after med, neurologists for headaches, gastroenterologists for IBS and chronic gastritis and acute pancreatitis and gets. I have also tried Lyrica and Neurontin at different times over the years, and they don’t help me either. As the neck changes when we get older, slow changes are best over a period of time, so using a soft, yet supportive pillow like the posture med is a popular choice for seniors. These type of pillows are good for acute neck pain relief or for flare-ups of a chronic neck pain condition. What I recommend if you have never used a neck pillow before or have given up on using one you already have, is to go through an adaptation period.
She says that she’s learned communication and coaching skills through wikiHow, and enjoys the instant gratification of improving something and being productive online. This is a particularly difficult muscle to reach so I recommend a tennis ball while lying on your back or use a back massager, cane massager or neck and back massager to self treat the middle and lower areas of strain using massage.
The lack of ability to relax the neck and shoulder muscles, even at rest can predict trapezius myalgia and may additionally relate to a tension neck syndrome. That specialist acknowledged that there wasn’t much he could do for me, but tried what treatments he could to get me as functional and comfortable as possible, and then kept me informed on the latest research and trials. No, depression and anxiety is not an underlying symptom, it is CAUSED by being unable to do even the most basic, everyday chores and activities, being judged by those around you who do not fully believe, or think you must be exaggerating, or worse…just being lazy- and this is an overwhelming amount of emotional obstacles to deal with for anyone. The very best advice would be to first and foremost, STAY AWAY, as much as possible from anyone who treats you with anything less than acceptance and understanding. A hot shower works great or a neck wrap which provides moist heat to the neck and shoulder areas together. But until you are away from the negativity, you will be unable to come to acceptance within yourself.
Until you can learn to accept, and then love yourself IN SPITE of everything you cannot do, you’ll never reach the place where you discover the things you can do, and develop into a loving, accepting person, who has learned the hard way not to judge anyone else, because everyone has their own story, their own journey, and their own struggles. After a period of time (1 to 3 weeks), turn the pillow over, with the contour lobes up, and sleep on the side that provides the best support while still being comfortable. Just like I dislike the judgment from those who have no idea what I’ve been through, I will do my very best to not then turn around and judge anyone else, when I have no idea what they have been through. Do your best to learn to love yourself, with your limitations and obstacles, and you may find those gifts that only you have to offer the world. Even people with RA find that eliminating dairy helps with pain and worsening of one’s condition. You could have allergies to other foods as well…but, dairy and gluten are the biggest offenders.

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