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Smith press, how to lose muscle mass and weight - Test Out

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2 – Because the Smith machine overhead press is easier to control than either dumbbells or a barbell, take advantage and go heavier than you normally would with those free weight moves. 3 – Machine presses can also be used to finish off your workout after you’ve done all your single-joint moves for the front, middle and rear delt heads.
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Alternatively, you can start your shoulder workout with another overhead press (say, dumbbells) and do heavy sets of 6-8 reps then move over to this version for sets of 12 reps. In fact, you may want to save your very heavy set of shoulder presses for the front version, which is safer for your rotator cuffs as well.
With the Smith machine it’s also much simpler to do intensity boosting techniques such as drop sets or rest pause than with free weights because getting into the start position is far easier.

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