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Shrink belly fat, straight leg deadlifts video - Within Minutes

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With tomorrow being New Year’s Eve, the question of how to lose the belly fat is probably on the mind of a lot of people.
See on Scoop.it - Lose The Belly Fat It Works is the answer to your New Year’s Resolutions! This has got to be one of the most common questions asked when it comes to body fat reduction. There is no ‘one sole’ element that will be the be all and end all to your stomach fat issue. Fact is….I deposit a vast majority of my body fat on my stomach and hips…it’s just the way my body likes to do it.

There are a number of facts, theories and methods out there that focus on hormones balancing for stomach fat reduction.
Health at Harvard University believe – particularly the middle aged spread – is a result of a drop in estrogen levels which oppose belly fat deposits causing an increase in cortisol – the stress hormone which is known to drop fat smack bang into the belly region!
The problem with stomach fat is the fat is what’s known as ‘visceral’ fat wreaking havoc with your internal organs. Harvard University quoted a study done by the University of Pennsylvania stating women who engaged in strength training for one hour twice per week reduced their body fat by 4% and were more successful at keeping it off compared to women who were just given advice about exercise.
We just identified the increase in cortisol – the stress hormone in the body – is your very own stomach fat depositor.

Well this is another no-brainer….you put the fuel in….then you need to be negative 500 calories at the end of the day to tap into your fat stores! I burn heaps of fuel using my brain so at the end of all that burning….I am hopefully somewhere around the negative 500 calories which means I am in the running for a reduction of body fat!
This can help alleviate stress, increase muscle mass (therefore fat burning capability) and help you to balance your hormones with the release of Catecholamines (adrenaline and noradrenaline) are released during intense exercise and have a strong fat burning impact on visceral belly fat (deep stomach fat).

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