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Shredded wheat nests, how many grams of protein in chicken liver - Reviews

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Also, the kids in the camp had a super fun time making these Bird’s Nest Cookies and were thrilled with how they looked. You can do this with your fingers or by pressing in the centre of the nests with a greased soup spoon. I used an Annabel Karmel recipe for these, but really all you need is shredded wheat, chocolate and mini eggs and I’m sure they’d turn out great!
My precious big girl shared her puppy tonight…just nestled it right next to her sleeping little sister and then walked away. Whenever I see your new pictures, I am SO inspired to pick up my camera and shoot anything!

The store bought nests are my favorite easter treat, so I can’t wait to try making them at home! I felt like I was eight years old again when, in Michigan, the beginning of spring meant packing up the snowpants and digging through the closet for my purple jelly shoes, even if there were still snow leftovers on our front yard. I totally forgot to tell you that I adore the Easter picture from when you and your sister were young!
Pour over the shredded wheat and stir in until all the shredded wheat has been coated in the chocolate mixture. In more ways than one, but tonight in its literal sense…in that blessed time of year when the day is stretched for one more hour of light.

My big kids (almost 8 and 5) have learned how to ride their bikes sans training wheels and we are spending LOTS of time outside.

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