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Shoulder to elbow pain, proven ways to lose belly fat - Test Out

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Elbow arthritis: Can be treated initially with an injection and body mechanic modification. Cubital tunnel syndrome: Is due to compression of the ulnar nerve was it courses through your elbow. Many of these shoulder problems can be initially treated with anti-inflammatory medication and a specific physical therapy program designed by shoulder specialists.

The elbow joint is formed mostly between the humerus, or arm bone and the ulnar bone the bone on the side of your pinkie. Whatever the cause of shoulder problems, the best cure is an accurate diagnosis from a physician specializing in the shoulder followed with appropriate care. Pain can also be caused by bursitis, inflammation of the bursa sac lying around the rotator cuff, or tendonitis, an inflammation of the cuff itself.

We believe the outcome of both is improved when an orthopaedic surgeon specializing in the shoulder is managing the process.

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