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Shoulder press muscles worked, mr. olympia 2012 - Review

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The lever shoulder press (or machine shoulder press) is an option for those who train at a commercial gym which has a shoulder press machine available. For bodybuilders, the machine press is also a great option for drop sets due to the ease of quickly changing the load, as well as being a safe option to go to, and beyond, muscle failure. As with all overhead pressing exercises, the front (anterior) and side (lateral) deltoid heads are targeted with this exercise. Developing strength and stability in the shoulder joint whilst the arm is extended above the head is important for sports which require various arm actions, such as racket sports and those sports which involve throwing.
Located at the rear of the shoulder (not the shoulder blade), the rear deltoids or, to be more precise, the posterior deltoids are one of three muscle locations within the overall deltoid muscle. Bent-over barbell rows is a great exercise that engages the upper back, outer back, lats, and rear shoulders in one powerful motion.

Working a single side of the back at a time, one-arm rows is a great way to focus on the lats, upper back, outer back, and rear deltoids.
Rear-deltoid laterals are beneficial for working the rear deltoids (primarily), outer back, and trapezius (upper back). Rear military presses are a fundamental strength and mass building exercise that place focus on the middle and rear deltoids. A phenomenal exercise that allows for power lifting, the t-bar row focuses primarily on the muscles of the back with emphasis placed on the lower aspect of the trapezius. Upright rows are a classic exercise that primarily works the shoulder and upper back muscles.
Upright rows are a classic exercise that primarily work the shoulder and upper back muscles.

Some argue that machine variations of exercises should be avoided in favour of their free weight alternatives (such as dumbbell and barbell overhead pressing), yet the truth is that there are advantages and disadvantages to both options, so it really depends on the individual athlete. However, machines do offer the benefit of being a safer alternative for those whom are cautious about pressing weights above their head. The triceps are also recruited due to the extension of the arm during the press, and the trapezius muscle located in the upper back also plays a role as it aids upward rotation of the scapula.

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