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However sweet the victory may be, with all of the pitching, catching, swinging and throwing can come injuries. Baseball players, especially pitchers, are required to throw the ball thousands of times during a season.
While most of the power for batting and throwing often comes from the shoulder, the elbow also plays a major part in whipping that ball or bat around. If nagging pains have been keeping you off the field this season, call Airrosti to see how our specially trained providers can get you pain free and back in the game, fast. Teams from all across the nation have made the trek to Omaha, Nebraska—the mecca of College Baseball—to compete.

The intensity of the sport, combined with the years of repetitive motions, can lead to painful shoulder or elbow injuries. The symptoms for Tennis Elbow include inflammation, soreness or pain on the outside of the upper arm near the elbow.
Shoulder stability is especially important for baseball players or any athlete who endures intense repetitive motions.
Tendonitis is inflammation in the tendons which can cause aches and pains or muscle stiffness. For baseball players, this overuse can come from the thousands of rounds of throwing, catching and batting.

These thickening adhesions can cause the fascia or ligaments to become distorted, rendering the shoulder immobile.

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