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Shoulder injury symptoms, bodybuilder diet chart - PDF Review

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Ligaments connect the bones of the shoulder, and tendons join the bones to surrounding muscles.
Four short muscles originate on the scapula and pass around the front and back of the shoulder joint.
All of these components of your shoulder, along with the muscles of your upper body, work together to manage the stress your shoulder receives as you extend, flex, rotate, lift and throw.
Shoulder injuries often occur when you have fallen directly on the shoulder, an outstretched arm or just from overuse. The scapula extends up and around the shoulder joint at the rear to form a roof called the acromion, and around the shoulder joint at the front to form the coracoid process.

The biceps tendon attaches the biceps muscle to the shoulder and helps to stabilise the joint while it is moving. Sprains of ligaments that hold the bones together, tendon inflammation or muscle strains are the most common of shoulder injuries. A good stretching and strengthening program often reduces the chances of acquiring a shoulder injury.

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