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Step 3 – Arms extended in front of you at shoulder width, shoulder blades protracted (forward), hands reaching for the front of the room. Step 5 – Key here is to contract your rear-delts, but to avoid total shoulder blade retraction. Tip #2: In order to minimize the involvement of the anterior head, focus on leaning slightly forward, keeping your shoulders down and back and pulling the weights up using your elbow and pinky finger rather than your hand. Responsible for extending your arm to the rear of your body, the posterior deltoid is, according to the National Strength and Conditioning Association, often overlooked by inexperienced trainers as it is out of site (and out of mind). Located on the front of your shoulder and responsible for raising your arm forward and above your head, the anterior deltoid is worked in both overhead pressing and front raises. According to "Designing Resistance Training Programs," written by Steven Fleck and William Kraemer, a number of exercises can help you work all the shoulder muscles at the same time and build mass. This keeps the tension on the shoulder throughout the entire movement and reduces the chance of injury.

When you place a large arch in your lower back you end up shifting the tension onto your chest while minimizing shoulder involvement. This is because cable side laterals keep the tension on the deltoid throughout the entire movement, whereas at the bottom of a best shoulder exercises for mass side lateral there is almost no tension on the shoulder at all. Going too heavy puts a lot of stress on the shoulder joint, which is an area very susceptible to injury.
Your posterior deltoid is important for both posture and function and should be exercised as hard and as often as the other shoulder muscles. Overhead presses, sometimes called shoulder presses, can be performed using a barbell or dumbbells and in a seated or standing position. The power clean, barbell high pull, the upright row and the Cuban press are all dynamic exercises that work your shoulders in a variety of ways within the same exercise. Performing only the top half of the rep reduces shoulder involvement and uses mostly triceps.

To build your posterior deltoid, you will need to arms exercises flyes to the rear, using either cables or dumbbells. You can also use a shoulder press machine which is available best facial exercises for jowls most gyms.
These exercises originate from Olympic lifting and are either simplified variants of or training exercises for the sport of Olympic lifting. You should avoid performing your shoulder presses in the "behind the neck" position as, although this is a common exercise, many fitness experts, including the National Strength and Conditioning Association, believe this to be detrimental to the health of your shoulder joint.
Make sure you keep your elbows level with your shoulders when performing any variation of the rear flyes.

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