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Shoulder exercises bodyweight, cable crossover lower chest - For Begninners

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There are many bodyweight shoulder exercises which are efficient to develop strength and your upper body. If you do calisthenics training, you can avoid that since you do movements that are natural, and you can easily tweak the hardness of the exercise. However, the bodyweight shoulder workouts below can be combined with weight training as well.
He thinks the best exercises are the handstand pushups and its variations, dipping and its variations, push ups and its variations. With the help of these exercises, I have been able to build a pretty strong and broad shoulders.

In these videos all the best bodyweight shoulder exercises are presented, so let’s see some no weights workout routines. The Pike Push-Up is great practice for progressing to the full Handstand Push-Up I have to say the Pike Push-Up is one of my favorite bodyweight training exercises!
If you’re not ready yet to do a full Handstand Push-Up, then the Pike Push-Up is the perfect exercise to develop the necessary strength, endurance, and stability as you progress.
If you happen to practice Yoga and have decent flexibility in your extensor chain (especially spinal extensors, glutes, hamstrings and calves) then the starting position should be very easy for you since it resembles a Downward Dog. I would invite more posts on shoulders but also on traps and rhomboids (the latter two being too often neglected in my opinion).

Many people suffer from injuries because they do not perform the movements correctly, use too big weights or because the free weight exercises put the shoulders into an unnatural position.
Since I jacked up my shoulder and my hamstring this year… I decided to start from ground zero and do all the fundamental stuff I skipped when first starting years ago.

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