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Shoulder blade pain from computer use, types of absenteeism - Test Out

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It’s been about 30 years since the computing revolution began to weave its digital tendrils into our daily lives. So here’s an exercise that works wonders at re-establishing balance around the shoulder blade and reducing computer pain.
Articles on this site are intended for education and should not be taken as medical advice. Now, our spines are incredibly resilient structures, but keeping bad posture day in day out will start wearing out our spine discs slowly and can create all sorts of nasty problems in the future – such as pain between shoulder blades, clicking or popping noises when turning your head, and chronic neck pain among others. In other words, fix your forward head posture and things like constant neck and upper back pain will finally be a thing of the past.
As your shoulders start rounding and going forward from your overly active chest muscles, your back muscles get weakened (or inhibited) – making good posture even more difficult. Special note: This is not one of those back exercises where you try and retract your scapula – or as some people say, pretend you are trying to squeeze a baseball between your shoulder blades. The YTWL’s are a shoulder series of movements with your body laying down on a bench, forming each of these letters with your arm position. For these people, neck traction devices is proving to be the answer to their constant pain. Neck traction is a stretch of your cervical spine that decompresses the load on your pinched neck discs from having forward head posture. Many people with advanced cases of forward head posture also suffer from clicking, grinding, and popping noises in their neck. It’s important to understand that keeping good posture is the real key to beating neck and upper back pain once and for all. About UsThe Healthy Spine is an online retailer that specializes in back & neck pain relief products. For those who now have to use computers on a daily basis to keep up with friends, family, and work, those 30 years of development and market penetration can often seem like a physical insult — a condemnation to repetitive strain injuries and mysterious bouts of numbness in the hands and aches in the shoulders.
Forward head posture due to increased hours in front of computers and looking down at our phones all day.

What happens here is that their chest muscles become overly strong and they start pulling their shoulders forward aggravating their forward head posture caused from too much computer use.
Targeting small muscles like the rear deltoids (back of the shoulders) are one of the keys to start recovering good posture and a neutral head position – since being able to keep your shoulders back is one of the keys to maintaining good posture throughout the day. Some people have kept forward head posture for so long that they have developed chronic pain and tightness that simply won’t go away with simple rehab therapy. There are things, though, that you can do to help keep your body tuned up and working right despite the many hours you spend in front of the computer!
Stand with feet shoulder-width apart and grab onto the ropes with an outside grip and pull towards your face with an external rotation movement. The shoulders are one of the most common body parts to get injured when working out simply because people use way to much weight and their range of motion is inhibited by an unbalanced body.
The placement of your hands on the band should allow you to feel the back of your shoulders working when pulling the band apart. Devices such as the ChiSoft Neck Traction also provide deep relief by stretching out your vertebrae in a safe and comfortable way that re-trains your neck to keep good posture with only a few minutes of use everyday. Others have even more worrying symptoms such as constant headaches, nausea, vomiting, blurred vision, and shooting pain down their extremities. Restore the natural curve of your spine and pain and discomfort will be a thing of the past. Holding a small child (or a "not so small" child) in the same arm most of the time.Most of us have a stronger side that we always use when carrying a heavy load.
This could be a clear sign that there is a pinched nerve near the base of the brain and shouldn’t be left untreated. In fact this is where many massage therapists fail to properly address the problem of shoulder blade pain. If you are looking for relief from this type of pain, it is necessary to check out the chest muscles in the front of the body. I know that may sound strange, so let me explain….Over the years we have helped many clients with this issue, and have even experienced this pain ourselves from time to time.

Cover as much area as possible starting under your collar bone and moving between the sternum (breast bone) and arm pit.Following these tips should help to improve your shoulder blade pain. Most people would describe this sensation in the shoulder blades as a "tight" muscle, when actually the opposite is true.
You see, our muscles use a buddy system so that when one muscle contracts to make movement occur, the opposite muscle (or group of muscles) must lengthen to allow for that movement. Doing so keeps the shoulder in a rounded, pec-tightening position and when you consider how many hours you may be spending in this position, it is easy to see how this sleeping posture can become a problem.
The muscle has to also contract in this lengthened position (eccentric contraction to be exact) to prevent too much movement from occurring. However, when one set of muscles is required to stay contracted for any length of time, its "buddy" must also keep holding onto its length.So, what all this muscle mumbo jumbo means is that when we do the things required of us in daily life, such as driving or using the computer, our pectoral (chest) muscles become very tight from constantly holding postures that require our arms to remain outstretched in front of us.
Even something passive, like slouching the shoulders forward while sitting and reading a book, is enough to make the pecs tight.
Over time, the chest muscles and all of the connective tissue in the area becomes tight and restricted, causing pain and sometimes trigger points in the muscles of the upper back, resulting in that pesky shoulder blade pain.When seeking massage therapy to help with this pain, be sure to work with a therapist who understands pain patterns and how to help them. Of course, they should do some work on your upper back, to help relieve the symptoms that you are experiencing.
But the treatment plan should also include work specifically on the chest and muscles of the arms as well. Work on the chest muscles, namely pectoralis major and minor, is not always the most comfortable, so it is important to keep communicating with your therapist so that he or she can work within your pain tolerance level.
Once these muscles are lengthened, the pressure and tension in the shoulder blades will start to subside and you will begin to feel relief.

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