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Shoulder and hand pain, symptoms shoulder pain fatigue - Test Out

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The complexity of the shoulder joint allows it to perform many different movements and activities.
Arthritic changes can occur in the shoulder joint though not as commonly as the weight bearing joints of the spine, hips and knees.
Problems in the shoulder often originate in the cervical spine as the nerves from this region innervate all of the muscles and other tissues of the shoulder, arm and hand. The rotator cuff is a confluence of tendons in the shoulder that insert into the outer aspect of the upper arm. Regardless of the reasons for pain (see above), if the imbalances and irritation to the shoulder are not corrected, pain and limitation of normal motion will eventually develop. There are many other disorders of the shoulder such as bursitis and tendonitis although those mentioned above are more common.

Anatomically, the shoulder involves three different bones - the scapula, the clavicle, and the humerus - many connecting ligaments, and approximately 20 different muscles. If these nerves are irritated, the shoulder muscles can become tight or weak causing dysfunction in the normal mechanics of the joint, especially in the rotator cuff.
The severity can vary from a slight catching or pain to an almost complete inability to use the shoulder.
This results in an extreme limitation of shoulder motion and pain that makes it difficult for some individuals to even get dressed. The aim is to  correct muscle imbalances with soft tissue massage, soft tissue release (trigger point, active release technique), joint mobilisation, ice-pack treatment, and strengthening exercises, restore proper mobility to the shoulder joints and of course correct any subluxations in the spine. This painful condition is often called Shoulder Impingement or Rotator Cuff Syndrome and can afflict individuals of all ages.

Left alone frozen shoulder can take several years to resolve and therefore needs attention by a professional such as a chiropractor. Pain can be aggravated by overhead use, and daily activities such as twisting a screwdriver, opening a bottle top or pulling a cork.

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