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Sharp pain in left shoulder blade, work out six pack abs - Reviews

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I've had back pain in the area between the scapula and spine (red lines in attached pic) for a long time, maybe 10 years.
I vaguely remember pulling (or something) a muscle in that area when I was in high school wrestling (10 years ago), I remember a loud pop and pain in that area and sitting out of live wrestling for a week. When deadlifting, ALWAYS keep your shoulder blades retracted and your back as straight as possible. An update, I did 3 sets of 20 facepulls yesterday and today I've yet to have any pain or tingling.
When I turn my head to the left side, over my left shoulder, I feel a sharp pain under my left shoulder blade.

I don't experience pain during any particular excercise, only when I turn my head to look over my shoulder. Typically it only hurts noticeably when I have been standing still a while (5 minutes doing dishes) or sitting on the ground (like hunched over applying painter's tape last night). After doing squats the area is very tight, has a random tingling sensation, and prone to pain (the same day as well as next). I did a few sets of planks and noticed that doing a side plank on my left side is a lot harder than right side (I bet I could go 2x the time on the right side). Before I had the same symptoms on my right side, but it went away and now I have it on the left side.

The pain is not exruciating, but it's still there and causes me problems during driving for example. I also have some issues with my knee caving in on the left side which I've read (on this forum) is probably because of weak glutes (my quads are very disproportionate in size to the rest of my leg muscles).

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