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Set and reps for strength, what to eat to gain muscle and burn fat - Within Minutes

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Physical Fitness Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for physical fitness professionals, athletes, trainers, and those providing health-related needs. About 10 years back, when I went to my first gym, the trainers told me to do 3 or 4 sets with about 8 to 15 repetitions on 3 different machines for each group of muscles, depending on the goals I want to achieve. Now I wonder if this rule is true for every muscle group, because the muscles are so different. Endurance (how long your muscle can keep doing its job) requires many, many more reps: at least 15. Hypertrophy (how big your muscles are) is best developed with a moderate amount of weight, done for 6-12 reps. For power, you'll want to get a baseline level of strength, then work the Olympic lifts: clean, snatch, jerk. For hypertrophy, you'll want to get a baseline level of mass by doing strength training (as above), then work specific muscle groups using both machines and free weights.

As a trainer and fitness enthusiast, I’ve always had a lot of people coming to me with their questions about health and fitness (our main reason for starting this blog!)  One thing that I hear over and over again is that people like to strength train and want to be stronger, but they don’t know how to do that on their own. In order to stay balanced and give yourself the best shot at staying injury free, it’s so important to train all of these groups and keep in mind that you need to balance opposing muscles.  For example, if you’re training legs, make sure that you’re not only doing exercises that target your quads, but focusing on strengthening your glutes and hamstrings as well. 5.) Form – We recommend having someone critique your form before moving onto very heavy weights, but we’ll give you a couple of general rules that hold true to most training basics.
As we mentioned before, this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to strength training, but we are hoping this gives you an idea of where to start!  If you’re brand new to resistance training, it’s always helpful to start out with a trainer to ensure that you’re executing everything with proper form. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. I am currently trying to do the first exercise without a machine (barbells for example) and the other two with a machine. Yesterday I started with shoulders (3 exercises, 3 sets, 12 reps), proceeded to upper back (3 exercises, 3 sets, 12 reps) and finally stomach (3 exercises, 3 sets, 15 reps).

Whether you're a food and health bookworm or an enthusiastic neophyte this blog was built for you. Strengthening the back and stretching out the chest muscle are especially important for these people.  Because of that, I usually focus on two back exercises for every one chest.
I am currently targeting my upper body (breast, shoulders, upper and lower back, stomach) to gain some muscle and stability and also train my legs to gain more elasticity for sprinting, because I play flag football and need to be fast. Warm-up consists of about 10 to 15 minutes on the cardio bike and cool-down is the same, with additional stretching.
You might also want to write a little more about your routine and the muscles you are targeting.

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