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Serratus anterior workout at home, how many sets for chest per week - Reviews

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It's difficult to include a muscle group such as the serratus anterior in your workout if you don't even know it exists. Most personal trainers are aware of the serratus anterior because of the anatomy courses they had to take to get certified. When you perform a bench press or a chin up, you're calling on your serratus anterior to play a supporting role. Stretching your serratus anterior muscles will make sure they stay flexible and keep them from tightening up. The serratus anterior is an underrated muscle for some exercisers, but it's particularly important to develop for the many activities that target your chest and upper back. Serratus Anterior ExercisesAdd a variety of exercises to your repertoire and then perform two or three during each serratus anterior workout. Plan Your WorkoutsFor each of these exercises, perform three to six sets, with six to 12 repetitions in each set.

Finish the Workout with a Static StretchAfter you've finished working your serratus anterior, perform a static stretch to help prevent post-exercise soreness and to improve your flexibility. Working on the serratus anterior becomes more important, though, if you use your arms and shoulders often, for example, an athlete who swims or plays tennis or baseball. She began working in the fitness industry in 1987, and her experience includes editing and publishing a workout manual.
At a glance, it's difficult to determine whether your serratus anterior muscles -- located on each side of your chest -- are sufficiently strong.
The more flexible your serratus muscles become, the more efficiently you can exercise them during future workouts. If you've ever seen someone whose shoulder blades poke out, you've seen someone whose serratus anterior muscles are weak.
Stretching and working the serratus anterior will prevent injury and will provide support in all activities that engage your arms, shoulders and back.

A few effective stretches that will improve flexibility for your serratus anterior include overhead and fascia stretches, the cat-camel stretch and the lying spinal twist with a push-pull action. But if your shoulder blades stick up when you perform a standard pushup, then you need to improve your serratus anterior strength.
Other dynamic stretches to help loosen your serratus anterior include horizontal arm swings, or side bends in which you stretch your right arm over your head while you bend your torso to the left. Either rest for several minutes in between exercises or target a different body part -- your legs, for example -- between each serratus exercise.

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