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Serratus anterior origin and insertion, how to burn belly fat fast for teenagers - For Begninners

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Receiving a license to use these images is generally quite easy, particularly for academic and scholarly purposes. The serratus anterior is a fan shaped muscle, which structurally may be divided into 3 sets of fibers.
Note: The table below only includes the exercises that most directly target the serratus anterior. Strengthen the serratus anterior with really easy, low-load exercises that allow you just feel the muscle working. Some people seem to think the bench press and its many variations involve scapular protraction.

The first set of fibers (1st serration) insert into the superior angle of the scapula, originating on the first rib and occasionally the second.
This is a good thing, since it can be treated more easily, by using corrective exercise and improving posture. I recommend forearm wall slides, incline push ups (or even push ups against a wall) and incline shoulder raises with very light weight.
This requires constant activation of the serratus anterior to stabilize and move the scapula. All of this is allows you to achieve and maintain good thoracic spine position, which is necessary for proper movement of the scapulae.

Or, if you want to kill two birds with one stone, the overhead shrug will train the lower traps and the serratus anterior at the same time.
In this way, the bench press can actually contribute to serratus anterior weakness (if you have rhomboid dominance, as discussed earlier).

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