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The shoulder is made up of three bones: the scapula (shoulder blade), the humerus (upper arm bone), and the clavicle (collarbone). AC joint separations are graded from mild to severe, depending on which ligaments are sprained or torn. Symptoms range from mild tenderness felt over the joint after a ligament sprain to the intense pain of a complete separation. In grade three separations, you may feel a popping sensation due to shifting of the loose joint. Treatment for a grade one or grade two separation usually consists of pain medications and a short period of rest using a shoulder sling. Some surgeons prefer to repair severe grade three AC separations, especially in high-level throwing athletes.
To fix the joint using a screw, the surgeon inserts the screw through the top of the clavicle and into the coracoid process.
If you don't need surgery, range-of-motion exercises should be started as pain eases, followed by a program of strengthening. A biceps rupture involves a complete tear of the main tendon that attaches the top of the biceps muscle to the shoulder. The muscles forming the short and long heads of the biceps stay separate until just above the elbow where they unite and connect to the distal biceps tendon. Surgery is reserved for patients who need arm strength, are concerned with cosmetics of the balled up biceps, or who have pain that won't go away. The surgeon begins by making an incision on the front of the shoulder, just above the axilla (armpit). Acromioplasty involves cutting and reshaping the acromion, the bone that forms the top part of the shoulder. When the surgeon is satisfied with the repair, the transverse humeral ligament and joint capsule are sutured, followed by the skin incision. You will gradually start exercises to improve movement in the forearm, elbow, and shoulder. Heavier exercises for the biceps muscle are avoided until at least four to six weeks after surgery. Many studies show no difference whether a person is treated with surgery or conservative treatment.

It appears that many people, whether they had the joint repaired surgically or not, will need an operation at some time in the future. Active range-of-motion exercises help you regain shoulder movement using your own muscle power. Exercises will focus on improving strength and control of the rotator cuff muscles and the muscles around the shoulder blade. It happens most often in middle-aged people and is usually due to years of wear and tear on the shoulder. Two separate tendons (tendons attach muscles to bones) connect the upper part of the biceps muscle to the shoulder.
When the rotator cuff is torn, the ball of the humerus is free to move too far up and forward in the shoulder socket and can impact the biceps tendon. You will need to answer questions about your shoulder, if you feel pain or weakness, and how this is affecting your regular activities. X-rays show the bones that form the shoulder joint and may show bony changes that have contributed to a ruptured biceps. At first, your therapist will give you tips how to rest your shoulder and how to do your activities without putting extra strain on the sore area. The overlying muscles are separated so the surgeon can locate the damaged end of the biceps tendon.
When the surgeon is satisfied with the repair, the skin incisions are closed, and the shoulder is placed in a protective sling.
Some surgeons will also sever the corocohumeral ligament, which arches over the top of the shoulder joint.
The arm is bent at the elbow and placed in a light splint that is to be worn for four weeks after surgery.
As the pain and swelling resolve, you should be safe to begin doing more normal activities. Some surgeons prefer to have their patients start a gentle range-of-motion program soon after surgery. As you progress, your therapist will teach you exercises to strengthen and stabilize the muscles and joints of the elbow and shoulder.
It generally takes three to four months, however, to safely begin doing forceful biceps activity after surgery.

The program advances to include strength exercises for the rotator cuff and shoulder blade muscles. The first few therapy treatments will focus on controlling the pain and swelling from surgery. Some of the exercises you'll do are designed get your shoulder working in ways that are similar to your work tasks and sport activities. Often the biceps ruptures after a long history of shoulder pain from Tendonitis (inflammation of hte tendon) or problems with shoulder impingement. Instead, the front of the shoulder may simply be painful, and the arm may feel weak with the same arm movements that are affected with a complete biceps rupture.
An MRI is a special imaging test that uses magnetic waves to create pictures of the shoulder in slices.
When you start therapy, your first few therapy sessions may involve ice and electrical stimulation treatments to help control pain and swelling from the surgery. A grade two AC separation involves a tear of the AC ligaments and a sprain of the coracoclavicular ligaments. Your therapist will help you find ways to do your tasks that don't put too much stress on your shoulder. Shoulder impingement is a condition where the soft tissues between the ball of the upper arm and the top of the shoulder blade (acromion) get squeezed with arm motion. The muscle may look and feel balled up in the middle of the arm, and a dent can sometimes be felt near the top of the shoulder. The result is that the ligaments around the AC joint begin to tear, separating (dislocating) the joint.
Full recovery can take up to six weeks for grade two separations and up to 12 weeks for grade three separations.

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