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The use of alcohol by some members of the Secret Service, including those assigned to a presidential protection detail, is not a new phenomenon. The troubles range from alcohol abuse and misuse of government property to criminal offenses and allegations of extramarital relationships by Secret Service personnel with White House employees. On April 12, 2012, over a dozen Secret Service agents and officers, part of the advance team for a presidential visit to Cartagena, Columbia, got drunk, hired prostitutes, and then disputed the amount owed. In May, 2013, a Secret Service supervisor left a bullet behind in a woman's room at the Hays Adams Hotel in Washington, DC.
On March 24, 2014, three members of the Secret Service Counter Assault Team were sent home from the Netherlands after a drinking incident left one passed out in a hotel hallway. Although today we are focusing only on the protective arm of the Secret Service, by 2002, in addition to everything else they did, the Secret Service had also become responsible for telemarketing fraud and identity theft. In addition, 925 senior agents retired between 1993 and 2002, leaving the Secret Service with a huge hole where experienced leadership should have been.
While the DHS was shoveling billions of dollars into Customs and Border Protection and the TSA, the Secret Service was not seeing funding increases commensurate with their increased responsibilities.
According to the Washington Post, Andy Card, chief of staff for President Bush, was forced to intervene to prevent some cuts to the Secret Service's budget that neither the DHS, nor the US Congress, felt were important.
So when Omar Gonzalez jumped the fence at the White House in 2011, the Secret Service did not have state-of-the-art surveillance cameras.
The request includes $3.4 million to address attrition in the ranks of Secret Service officers who patrol the grounds and perimeter of the White House. The Uniformed Division was seriously damaged by the reductions, and training programs were cancelled for new agents as well as for existing agents who were frequently called in to work on their days off.
The OIG conducted an electronic survey of 2,575 respondents and 161 in-person interviews with employees of the Secret Service. Disciplinary actions within the Secret Service are applied consistently for similar offenses.

Disciplinary actions within the Secret Service are at the appropriate level of severity given the offense. The agency's new director, Joe Clancy, has only been on the job for a few months but appears to be trying to get some of the money that the Secret Service needs for protection and training—including $8 million for a full-scale replica of White House to be built at the Secret Service training facility in Maryland.
Underpaid, undertrained, and overworked, with days off regularly canceled, the majority of the agents and officers of the Secret Service have displayed a remarkable degree of dedication. Adapted from Drinking in America: Our Secret History, by Susan Cheever, to be published by Twelve Books, October 2015. The Secret Service has had to fly in officers from other offices for temporary service at the White House, putting them up in local hotels, just to cover all shifts. Social Worker Career Outlook and Salary Social workers are employed in a variety of fields such as clinical, healthcare, substance abuse or family services.
New England College Expands its 100% Online Offerings New England College has six new degrees include Sociology, Human Services, Humanities and Social Sciences. Whenever you see the President of the United States, you’ll see Secret Service agents. In addition to protective services, the agency investigates and guards against financial crimes, including counterfeiting, identity theft, computer fraud and cyber attacks against the nation’s banking, financial and telecommunications infrastructure.
The Secret Service has about 3,200 special agents and 1,300 uniformed division officers, as well as 2,000 or so personnel in technical and other support functions, according to the agency’s website.
According to the Secret Service website, uniformed division officers had a typical starting annual salary of about $52,000 in 2010 and special agents were hired at salaries ranging from about $44,000 to $75,000. In addition, special agent and uniformed division officer applicants must be able to obtain a Top Secret clearance, be physically fit, and pass a background investigation, drug screening and polygraph test. After completing training, uniformed division officers are typically assigned to a position providing protection at government buildings and embassies in and around Washington, D.C. Special Weapons and Tactics teams (SWAT) are special operations units in civilian law enforcement agencies such as County Police Departments, Sheriff Departments, US Marshall service, the FBI etc.

The SWAT team of a given agency may be called the Special Response Team, Emergency Response Team, Emergency Services Unit, Tactical Response Team among others. Civilian SWAT units are analogous in role and tactics to military police tactical teams such as the USMC Special Reaction Team and Air Force Emergency Services Team.
After the TSA was created in November, so many uniformed officers began applying for jobs online from White House computers that the Secret Service blocked access, allowing officers to view application forms but not complete them.
Others, such as retired agent Dan Emmett, feel that quality leadership is lacking in the Secret Service. And only time will tell if the Republican Congress can get in gear and give this agency the funding it requires to field a decent corps of Secret Service agents and Uniformed Division officers and to provide them with training adequate to their tasks. When they refuse to investigate a credible report of bullets shot at the White House (a maid investigates instead) and when top officials go crashing through barricaded sites of a suspected bomb and then the head of the Secret Service excuses it rather than offering his head at Congress and when NO ONE ATTENDS THE CONGRESSIONAL HEARING you can only come to one conclusion. The United States Secret Service has an international reputation for being the very best at what it does. Secret Service brass refused time off for some officers to go to TSA for job interviews, according to service insiders. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) does not provide specific data for Secret Service agents or officers, it notes that employment of law enforcement officers, in general, is expected to increase by 7% nationwide from 2010 to 2020.
The Secret Service is also charged with protecting the vice president and his immediate family, as well as former presidents, presidential candidates and visiting foreign dignitaries.

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